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Alcatel 1X (2019)

Alcatel 1X (2019) - Specs

The Alcatel 1X is an Android smartphone which features a 5.5-inch display, 16GB of storage with microSD expansion, dual (16MP+2MP) rear cameras, a 5-megapixel front camera, a fingerprint scanner, a 3000mAh battery and a quad-core MediaTek chipset with 2GB of RAM.

The full Alcatel 1X specifications follow:

Alcatel 1C (2019)

Alcatel 1C (2019) - Specs

The Alcatel 1C is an Android smartphone which features a 5.0-inch display, 8GB of internal storage with microSD expansion, a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera, and a quad-core Spreadtrum chipset with 1GB of RAM.

The full Alcatel 1C specifications follow:

Apple AirPlay comes to smart TVs with lock screen controls, Siri and more

Apple AirPlay comes to smart TVs with lock screen controls, Siri and more

During CES 2019, companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio announced that they'd be working with Apple to integrate iTunes movie and TV shows, along with AirPlay 2 support into their smart TVs.

Watch Sony CES 2019 press conference livestream

Watch Sony CES 2019 press conference livestream

Sony's press conference at CES 2019 is expected to take place today, where the Japanese company is expected to announce mobile devices. We expect Sony will have some mid-range and entry-level smartphones to showcase during the event, as a followup to its unveilings from last year.

Watch Samsung CES 2019 press conference livestream

Watch Samsung CES 2019 press conference livestream

Following an eventful morning from LG, Samsung is the next major company to highlight its upcoming technology at CES 2019. Samsung's keynote is set to kick off at 2PM PT (5PM ET) and you can watch the live stream embedded below.

Watch LG CES 2019 press conference livestream

Watch LG CES 2019 press conference livestream

The LG press conference is set to kickstart CES 2019, with the company highlighting its many achievements it will be focussing on throughout the year. We already saw the unveiling of the LG Q9, but you can watch the entire press conference below.

LG Q9 officially unveiled at CES 2019

LG Q9 officially unveiled at CES 2019

The LG Q9 was officially unveiled by the company at CES 2019, ahead of its scheduled event later today. This mid-range Android smartphone from LG is similar in design and specifications to the LG G7 Fit.

CES 2019 - Schedule

CES 2019 - Schedule

The Consumer Technology Show (CES) 2019 is set to take place between January 8 and January 11 in Las Vegas, NV in the United States where manufacturers will unveil some of their newest technology to the world.

Kingston unveils the world's highest capacity USB flash drive

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2TB

Kingston has just unveiled the DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2TB as the world's highest capacity USB flash drive, during Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The company is known for offering a wide range of computer accessories, and offers this somewhat over-sized storage device in 1TB and 2TB capacities.

Lenovo Vibe Shot announced with 16MP triple-tone flash camera in a full metal body

Lenovo Vibe Shot colors

Lenovo has some great announcements at CES which included new smartphones and the unique Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, which comes with a built-in Pico projector, and the AnyPen technology, which even allows using a fork for input. Now the company has announced a new Lenovo Vibe Shot smartphone.

Polaroid announces new smartphones at CES 2015

Polaroid announces Android phones

Besides announces a couple of affordable tablets, Polaroid has also announced a series of smartphones at CES 2015, including the , and . Polaroid aren't making these devices themselves, and have rather licensed out their brand to other manufacturers.

Remix ultra-tablet is a Surface like tablet which runs Android

Have you wished the Microsoft Surface ran Android instead of Windows? Jide Technology, a company formed by three ex-Googlers have put together a device which "eliminates the drawbacks of the tablets and laptops on the market today".

Garmin VivoFit 2 announced at CES 2015

Garmin VivoFit 2

Garmin has had some success with wearable devices, especially the GPS watches it has produced since 2003. The company parlayed that success into fitness trackers, and released the Garmin Vivofit last year. This year the company has introduced its successor at the ongoing CES.

Saygus V2 unveiled with multi-boot and more

Saygus V2

Saygus is a US based company, is bringing a "super smartphone" to the market and is currently showcasing it at CES 2015. The device is known as the Saygus V2 ( V2 | V-Squared) and is  "engineered with high-end components and materials", with a somewhat rugged design.

Kodak IM5 officially announced as the company’s first smartphone

Kodak IM5

The Kodak IM5 was officially unveiled at CES 2015 as the company’s first smartphone. The photographic film maker who was one known for its “Kodak moment” tagline has faced bankruptcy, business reorganization and has had to sell half a billion worth of patents to major tech players like Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and HTC. Now it hopes to make a comeback in the smartphone game.

Alcatel introduces POP phones and tablet at CES

Alcatel POPAlcatel has announced a number of new devices at CES 2015, including the Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 3 and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch. However the company has also introduced several phones and a tablet under its POP brand.

TCL purchases Palm

TCL purchases Palm

TCL has confirmed that it has purchased Palm from HP. In a press release it sent out TCL states that it is "very proud to announce that it will create a new Palm Inc." which will take control of the name.

BLU introduces seven new Android smartphones

BLU Vivo Air

BLU presents itself as "the market leader in unlocked devices in the United States", and has announced new less than seven new Android smartphones today. The handsets come in various configurations, clearly meant to reach a wide selection of users, with a few interesting models among them.

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 (8-inch) with AnyPen announced

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 (8-inch) with AnyPen

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 (8-inch) with AnyPen is a new tablet the company brought to CES this year, with top shelf hardware and an interesting feature.

Sony CES 2015 Event

Sony's CES 2015 event is almost here and the tech giant is expected to make some announcements during the gathering. It is not known if Sony plans to unveil a new flagship, but there have been hints of a new Walkman the company plans to unveil.

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