LG to acquire webOS from HP

LG to acquire webOS from HPLG has announced that they will be acquiring webOS from HP in an attempt to use the operating system to power their new smart TV platform. The acquisition will include the source code, all related documentation, engineers, related web domains and all the patents that HP acquired when their purchased the platform from Palm.

It will be disappointing to know that this may be the end of one of the most innovative mobile operating systems, which had the potential to overtake Apple had it been used properly.

HP’s relationship with the webOS platform was never one of value with its attempts at bringing webOS based hardware failing in its very first attempt. While the company’s efforts with open webOS gave some glimmer of hope for the platform, the announcement of the Android based HP Slate 7 signaled that the company was looking in a different direction.

Fortunately for Palm users LG has stated that they will continue support them even though the company has already stated that they are not interested in using webOS on their smartphones. However LG’s CTO Skott Ahn said that the webOS team will be the “heart and soul” of the new LG Silicon Valley Lab in Sunnyvale, California. webOS sites in San Francisco, San Jose and Chicago will also be incorporated into LG’s global research and development operations. We hope that LG will eventually realize that the potential of webOS can be much more than just another platform.


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