Watch Samsung CES 2019 press conference livestream

Watch Samsung CES 2019 press conference livestream

Following an eventful morning from LG, Samsung is the next major company to highlight its upcoming technology at CES 2019. Samsung's keynote is set to kick off at 2PM PT (5PM ET) and you can watch the live stream embedded below.

Samsung's event highlights six products - a smartwatch, a TV, a fridge, a phone, a washing machine, and the Galaxy Home speaker.

Samsung Bixby smart assistant

Samsung debuted their voice assistant Bixby in 2017 on the Galaxy S8 and have since expanded it into all of their smart TVs last year. This year Bixby will be embedded into Samsung's 2019 QLED and premium TVs, and smart appliances like refrigerators, washers, air conditions, mobile devices, AI speakers and more.

Samsung is even looking to expand Bixby to cars and robots. The digital assistant will help people manage their health routine on things like the Samsung Bot Care robot or check your car's fuel level. Bixby will also be integrated into apps like Google Maps and Gmail in the future, and search for content within iTunes or live TV.

Samsung's new "Digital Cockpit" for cars will allow drivers to remotely check how much gas they have before starting a long road trip or set the car temperature before heading out for the day. The digital assistant will use the onboard camera to recognize specific drivers and adjust your personal space like display preferences, seat height, lighting etc. Passengers can even use personalized screens on the rear seats and connect to In-vehicle Samsung DeX to get work done on-the-go.

Personal Robots

Samsung surprised the CES audience with the introduction of four robots capable of helping with various tasks around the house. The Samsung Bot Care was highlighted on stage, demonstrating its ability to track its user's health. The bot was able to communicate with Samsung executives, instructing them on what to do to measure their vitals, like placing your finger on the robot's screen to check your blood pressure.

Along with Samsung Bot Care, there will be the Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail and Samsung GEMS. The Bot Air uses sensors to detect the precise source of pollution and purify air. The Bot Retail personalizes the retail experience and streamlines order and other tasks. GEMS, which appears to be worn on one's legs, assists with walking, helps improve mobility and helps athletes better train.

Samsung TVs

Samsung had several TVs to highlight during their keynote, including a 75-inch modular TV with a microLED screen. While this TV would be initially geared to commercial use, it will eventually make its way to consumers too. The company also had a massive 219-inch version.

Samsung also has a series of TVs it calls "The Window" which are offered in tall, narrow designs as well as short, wide rectangular versions. The company also expanded its 8K TV to 98-inches from its previous 85-inch size.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support

Samsung will allow its 2019 smart TVs to work with third-party smart speakers allowing them to respond to voice commands from Alexa or Google Assistant enabled speakers. You will be able to use your smart speaker to power on/off, adjust volume, select channels and launch apps with commands like "Alexa, turn on the TV" or, "Hey Google, launch Netflix."

Apple iTunes, AirPlay 2 support

Samsung today announced that it has worked with Apple to integrate iTunes movies and TV shows, as well as AirPlay 2 support, into its latest smart TVs. The features will roll out to 2018 models via a firmware update this spring and will be included on new 2019 models. iTunes movie and TV show access will come via a new dedicated app for Samsung's TV platform, available in over 100 countries.

Apple's Internet Software and Services chief Eddy Cue weighed in on the partnership, noting "We look forward to bringing the iTunes and AirPlay 2 experience to even more customers around the world through Samsung Smart TVs, so iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have yet another way to enjoy all their favorite content on the biggest screen in their home."

Samsung Laptops and Monitors

Samsung unveiled its new Notebook 9 Pro, Notebook Flash and the previously announced Notebook 9 Pen highlighting their design and performance. The company also revealed its Notebook Odeyssy gaming laptop which features an all-metal chassis, a 15.6-inch 144Ghz 1920x1080 pixel display, and NVidia G-Sync support.

Before the keynote, the company also unveiled a pair of Samsung Space monitors which can be placed flat against your wall like a wallpaper TV and can arc straight down to rest right on the desk.

Samsung Home appliances

Samsung unveiled its updated Family Hub Refrigerator software, which features some new interface tweaks and puts emphasis on Bixby. With Bixby support, Family Hub can provide answers to questions and handle a bunch of kitchen-related tasks like searching for recipes. Bixby can also give family members a morning brief that includes a verbal report and screen-based readout of the weather and news. The Family Hub also includes a "View Inside" feature that uses cameras to let you see what's inside your fridge remotely. New features will be available via an automatic update for most earlier Family Hub models.

Samsung's new front load washer also integrates Bixby. The digital assistant will allow users to control its smart features like getting recommendations for the best wash cycle, scheduling a cycle to be completed at a users' preferred time, automatically connecting the dryer cycle when the washer is done, or monitoring usage to efficiently manage their laundry appliances.

Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker

The Galaxy Home smart speaker with its three-legged stand was announced in August but has still to be released. While Samsung mentioned Galaxy Home and how it will help control various Samsung electronics, the company has still to give more details on when the device will actually launch.

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