TCL purchases Palm

TCL purchases Palm

TCL has confirmed that it has purchased Palm from HP. In a press release it sent out TCL states that it is "very proud to announce that it will create a new Palm Inc." which will take control of the name.

The company will be based in Silicon Valley and will be charged with delivering "absolute breakthrough innovations in Technology, Design, User Experience, Ecosystem, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Business Models."

TCL said that it will announce at a future date, when it plans to start rolling out what it calls the "Palm project". The company which started with the production of featurephones, now backed by 5000 engineers from Alcatel produces smartphones, tablets, wearables and mobile routers. This could be the perfect home for Palm to make its return to its past glory.

With LG's acquisition of webOS, we expect the first Palm smartphone will be powered by Android.

Press Release

source - TCL

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