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Polaroid announces new smartphones at CES 2015

Polaroid announces Android phones

Besides announces a couple of affordable tablets, Polaroid has also announced a series of smartphones at CES 2015, including the , and . Polaroid aren't making these devices themselves, and have rather licensed out their brand to other manufacturers.

Affordable Polaroid L7 and L10 tablets announced


While Polaroid is better known for its cameras, the company also builds other products - including tablets. During CES 2015, Polaroid unveiled two affordable tablets - the and the , which will both go on sale in the US sometime this spring.

Polaroid SC1630

 The SC1630 is a smart camera designed and manufactured by Polaroid and runs Android Gingerbread. The device features a 3.2 inch touch display, 16 megapixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi and up to 32GB of microSD card storage.

The full specifications of the  Polaroid SC1630 follows:

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