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Nokia 9 PureView with five cameras leaks in video

A new video has leaked showing the long-rumored Nokia 9 PureView indicating that an official unveiling could be around the corner. The video shows a handset which looks very similar to the Nokia 8 Sirocco but featuring a five-camera setup on the rear.

Google could be working on two mid-range Pixel smartphones

Google could be working on two mid-range Pixel smartphones

Since Google announced their Pixel smartphones, the company distanced themselves from their affordable Nexus solutions opting to compete with Apple in the premium price point. Now it looks like the company may be planning to introduce a couple of affordable Pixel smartphones in the mid-range category.

Huawei built Nexus smartphone specs leaked

Huawei built Nexus smartphone specs leakedA report from China suggests the alleged specs for the next Nexus smartphone, which will be manufactured by Huawei. The unnamed device will replace the Motorola built Google Nexus 6.

Huawei P8 teaser video tells us to get ready to "see the new wonder of light"

Huawei P8 teaser videoHuawei is all set to unveil a new flagship smartphone, and the company has confirmed the handset's name, while also launching a teaser video to remind us that the Huawei P8 will be officially unveiled on April 15 in London. While the video doesn't reveal much about the P8, it does let us know that it will let us see and capture "the wonder of light."

BlackBerry Leap 'Rio' photos leaked

BlackBerry Leap 'Rio' photos leaked

It looks like the BlackBerry Leap, which was previously known as the BlackBerry Rio may soon be making its way into the market. The upcoming mid-range handset has been caught in a new set of leaked photos

HTC One M9 details leaked

HTC One M9 details leaked

HTC is expected to unveil is new flagship in just over a week, but it has already leaked in various forms, giving users a clear idea of what they should expect. The most recent leak comes with a full set of specifications along with renders of what the upcoming HTC One M9 will look like.

Microsoft may have cancelled Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 in favor of Windows 10

Windows 10Microsoft is busy building Windows 10, which will be available across PCs, Tablets and smartphones. Some newly surfaced reports suggest that Microsoft may be planning to cancel Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 in favor of directly updating their smartphones to Windows 10.

Nokia Lumia 1320 successor expected to feature 14MP rear camera and 5MP front camera

Lumia 1320

Microsoft currently has two Windows Phone phablets on its portfolio. The Lumia 1520, which is a flagship device, and the Lumia 1320 which has lesser hardware, but a more affordable price. Now Microsoft is reportedly working on the successor to the Lumia 1320.

Leaked images show likely Lumia 1020 successor

Lumia 1020 successor

The Lumia 1020 is a unique looking device with an enormous 41-megapixel camera attached to its back. This photo-centric smartphone was released around 15 months ago, and despite rumors, there hasn't been any physical evidence of its successor - until now.

Microsoft Lumia 940 rumored to feature 24MP PureView camera, Snapdragon 805 and Windows 10

Microsoft Lumia
Microsoft is set to show of their first Lumia branded device tomorrow, but the handset is an entry level device without any characteristics of a flagship. Now a new rumors has made its way from one of Nokia's supplier factories, which suggest that Microsoft is also working on the Lumia 940 with flagship specifications.

HTC One M9 rumored to feature a 5.2 inch 2K display and a Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM

HTCWhen the HTC One M8 was launched last year, it had all the makings of a top-shelf flagship. Its specs included a 5 inch full HD display, up to 128GB of microSD storage and a Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM. Now a year has gone by and rumors of its successor have slowly started to appear.

The rumored HTC One M9 is expected to feature a 5.2 inch display with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution, which results in a 564ppi pixel density. This is quite a leap forward over the 441ppi on the HTC One M8.

The handset is expected to come in a 64GB base model and have a 128GB storage option as well with optional microSD, 13MP Duo-cameras, a powerful front camera, a higher capacity battery, and a Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. Android 5.0 Lollipop is expected to be pre-installed, but given that it is a 64-bit platform, we will be a little disappointed if doesn't come with a 64-bit processor. The rumors also expect the device to come with IP certification reading higher than the current model's IPx3.

The HTC One M9 will reportedly be unveiled during next year's MWC in Barcelona, which is set to take place between March 2 and March 5. Previously, there were rumors that HTC may unveil a phablet size device with the above mentioned specs in time for the holiday season, but it looks like HTC fans may have to wait until next year for a new flagship from the company.

source - PhanDroid | IBT

Oppo set to announce a new device in October, like N1 successor

The Oppo N1, which was released nearly a year ago was known for its unique rotating camera, which we have yet to see successfully replicated in a modern smartphone. Now the China-based manufacturer has released a subtle teaser about an upcoming product which just may be the N1 successor.

From the looks of the teaser itself, one can hardly tell that the phone in question is, in fact, an eventual Oppo N1 successor. However, Oppo Malaysia might have spilled the beans: when directly asked if it will release a "better phone that Note 4", the Malaysian branch of Oppo responded by slightly hinting that the make is indeed prepping an N1 successor, allegedly the Oppo N3.

Since the Oppo N1 was released, the company has gone on to release the Oppo N1 mini, which has a smaller, 5 inch display. They have also released the Oppo Find 7 and the Oppo Find 7a, but a true successor to the Oppo N1 was yet to arrive.

Recent rumors expect the Oppo N1 successor to feature more compact dimensions, better imaging capabilities (we suppose that the distinct swivel camera will also remain on board), as well as up-to-date hardware.

source - Oppo | GizChina

Nokia Lumia 830 leaks again in higher quality photos

MicrosoftWe recently got saw some leaked photos of the rumored Lumia 830, which is expected to be unveiled by Microsoft at their IFA event in Berlin Germany on September 4. Now more photos have leaked showing the upcoming smartphone, clad in the typical multicolor polycarbonate shells found on recent Nokia handsets.

Nokia Lumia 830 leaked on more photos

MicrosoftMicrosoft recently teased that new Lumias would be unveiled at their upcoming IFA event scheduled to take place on September 4 in Berlin, Germany. Among the devices, we expect to see the Nokia 'Superman', which will be the ultimate selfie phone, alongside the Nokia Lumia 830, which will succeed the  Lumia 820 in the mid-range category. Now the latter has appeared in a series of newly leaked photos.

While the photos aren't very clear, it matches the images which were previously leaked. It shows that the Lumia 830 will have a design similar to the latest flagship, the Lumia 930 and have a camera design (somewhat) similar to the one found on the Lumia 1020. Based on the leaked specifications, the device is expected to feature a 4.5 inch HD display, a 20MP PureView camera with Zeiss optics and an LED flash.

[UPDATE] After carefully studying these photos, and comparing them with the newly leaked photos of the Lumia 830, it's becoming clear that the "leakster" has in fact shared what looks like photoshopped images of the Nokia Lumia 925.

Microsoft has been rumored to be building an affordable PureView device, a technology usually reserved for their flagships. If the Lumia 830 turns out to be that device, we can expect the Lumia and PureView brand to reach out to a much wider audience in the months following its release.

Are you excited about the Lumia 830? Share your thoughts with us below.

source - ThePocketTech

Huawei teases upcoming unveiling for September 4, a 6-inch 2K display device with octa-core CPU expected

Huawei is teasing an upcoming device which will be unveiled on September 4. The invitation is in black and white, showing a device which makes out a prominent number "7". The teased device is expected to be the Huawei Ascend Mate 3 or the Huawei Ascend D7.

We are already expecting the company to release the Huawei Ascend Mate 3, but its likely that Huawei will act on its plan to merge its phablet and flagship smartphone product into a single device for this unveiling.

Huawei is preparing a device to go up against the upcoming iPhone, so it makes sense that the company will go all out with this announcement. With recent reports suggesting that the company has some "shocking" devices in their pipelines, it makes sense that they needed to make a change with this announcement.

The rumored device is expected to feature a 6 inch display which will come in two variants - one with a 1080p resolution with 2GB of RAM, while the other will feature a 1440p (QHD) resolution with 3GB of RAM on board.Both variants are expected to be powered by an improved version of Huawei's Kirin 920 octa-core processor.

The other attractive factor on this device is its beautiful  silhouette. Huawei's upcoming flagship is expected to feature a design similar to the HTC One Max. Given HTC's great eye for design, this would definitely be one of this handsets selling factors.

source - MyDrivers ( 1 | 2 | 3 )

Microsoft teases new Lumia smartphones at IFA on September 4

Microsoft IFA 2014 invite

Microsoft is sending out press invites for their IFA event in Berlin, Germany on September 4. The invite hints at the likely unveiling of two rumored Lumia Windows Phones - the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 730, which may be introduced during the event.

Leaked Nokia Lumia 730 photo shows it running "Debian Red"

Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft is rumored to be working on several mid-range smartphones, which will launch in the coming months. One of them is codenamed Tesla, and is expected to be launched as the Lumia 830. The other one, codenamed Superman is expected to be the ultimate phone for selfies.

Native folder support maybe coming to Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen

Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen folders
You may soon be able to create folders on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen which can store multiple Live Tiles. Microsoft may allow users to drag and drop tiles into a Start Screen folder, much like the functionality currently available on Android and iOS.

This function was revealed on a support article on the Windows Phone website (currently taken down) which revealed that the company is planning to introduce native folders support for apps on the Start Screen to help you keep your startscreen organized. Folders can be moved and resized, just like Tiles, but we are curious to see how the Live Tile functionality will be implemented on these folders.

Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen folders

The instructions suggest that this feature will require Windows Phone 8.1 to be installed on your device, so it will likely be released after the Windows Phone 8.1 as a GDR update.

source - Microsoft

Nokia / Microsoft smartphone roadmap for 2014-2015 leaked

Nokia / Microsoft smartphone roadmap for 2014-2015

Now that Nokia's Devices and Services unit is a part of Microsoft, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones. While neither of the companies have revealed much, a new report has unveiled some of the upcoming devices Nokia and Microsoft are said to be planning for 2014-2015 season, like 'Rock', 'McLaren', 'Tesla', 'Superman' and more.

HTC 'Eye' for AT&T maybe the ultimate selfie phone

According to a new report, HTC is in the process of developing a new handset, codenamed 'Eye', which is set for release during Q4 this year, and may be offered through AT&T in the U.S.. The name is apparently is apparently in reference to the device front camera, which is meant to make it the very best 'selfie' smartphones on the market. 

As to what exactly constitutes an industry-leading selfie phone, we'd have to wait and see. That said, we suppose a rather large sensor, along with of selfie-centric feature set on the software side, are to be expected.

Now, a Q4 release is still a fair way off, so it's not surprising that this is all the information we have so far. Inevitably, though, if such a device makes it beyond the drawing board, we will likely be hearing more about it in due time.


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