Oppo set to announce a new device in October, like N1 successor

The Oppo N1, which was released nearly a year ago was known for its unique rotating camera, which we have yet to see successfully replicated in a modern smartphone. Now the China-based manufacturer has released a subtle teaser about an upcoming product which just may be the N1 successor.

From the looks of the teaser itself, one can hardly tell that the phone in question is, in fact, an eventual Oppo N1 successor. However, Oppo Malaysia might have spilled the beans: when directly asked if it will release a "better phone that Note 4", the Malaysian branch of Oppo responded by slightly hinting that the make is indeed prepping an N1 successor, allegedly the Oppo N3.

Since the Oppo N1 was released, the company has gone on to release the Oppo N1 mini, which has a smaller, 5 inch display. They have also released the Oppo Find 7 and the Oppo Find 7a, but a true successor to the Oppo N1 was yet to arrive.

Recent rumors expect the Oppo N1 successor to feature more compact dimensions, better imaging capabilities (we suppose that the distinct swivel camera will also remain on board), as well as up-to-date hardware.

source - Oppo | GizChina

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