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Apple’s Journey to $1 Trillion


In February 2018, Apple became the first US company with a market cap of over $1 trillion. This followed a jump in its stock after reporting strong Q3 earnings that saw the iPhone manufacturer surpass both its own projections and analysts’ estimates. So how did this startup that at one point almost went bankrupt become the most valuable company in the world? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look and some of the most important milestones of Apple’s journey to $1 trillion.

20 Reasons you should buy the Apple Watch


20 Reasons you should buy the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great companion device, integrating fitness and related tracking with integration to iOS and other Apple services. Have you ever asked yourself if you should invest in an Apple Watch or pick up one of its competitor's products? Well here are 20 cool reasons you should be buying an Apple Watch.

Human vs Machine - Translation Showdown

Human vs Machine - Translation Showdown

In this fast-paced modern world where an explosion of technology is happening every day, many people are wondering if computers will soon replace the need for human beings. While it might seem like machines are taking over the world, there's no doubt that the human touch is still needed. One place where this is clear is in the field of translation. When a human translator went up against Google Translate application to take on the same set of tasks, the human clearly did the better job. Translators don't need to find a new line of work just yet.

Yahoo claims the average Android user has 95 installed apps, but only uses 35

Yahoo app usage infographic

The Yahoo Aviate Launcher is known for dynamically changing your homescreen based on content and apps that matter to you. It does this by tracking the apps you open and when you use them. Today, Yahoo showed off some of the data that it has gathered from its users and figured out some interesting information about app usage among its users.

Microsoft explains why you should purchase the affordable Nokia 130

Nokia 130

Microsoft recently announced an ultra-affordable  which is priced at around $25, bringing the classic Nokia design elements which dominated the phone market several years ago. While many of us may overlook entry-level devices these days, Microsoft wants to show us several clear advantages the Nokia 130 offers over its affordable rivals.

The most popular smartphones in North America

The most popular smartphones in North America
iQmetrix, has released an infographic on the phones sold in North America (U.S. and Canada) in the past six months (December 2013-May 2014). The dta has been collected from its RQ Retail Management system, which is used by independent wireless retailers across North America to process an estimated 14.5 million handset transactions each year.

The information includes data from 15,000 store locations across North America, identifying interesting trends for the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in a variety of cities, and also for North America as a whole.

The Impact of smartphones on regular cameras

InfographicAs you can image, the increase in smartphone sales are having a tragic effect on the sales of compact camera systems and DSLR cameras. For most, the built-in cameras on their smartphones are easier to use, it is easier to share the pictures, and having everything in one device is economical.

The folks at Treat, who sells customized greeting cards using your pictures to make them more personal and meaningful, put together an infographic showing the impact of pictures in our mobile society and economy.

So just how pervasive is all our picture taking in our daily lives? It is so frequent that no one notices (obviously), but the numbers and what they represent are quite remarkable. The graphic starts with statistics we cover on a regular basis. Growth in Eastern Europe and Russia is strongest with the Asia and Pacific Rim is next in line. Latin America and Africa are two regions to keep an eye out for in the future.

With manufacturers making more and more affordable smartphones with integrated cameras, the production and sale of regular cameras is down over 40% across the board in all markets. Hardest hit are the compact camera systems, which have seen sales decline from 147 million units in 2012 to what is expected to be under 60 million in 2014.

Smartphone owners take pictures more often, but camera owners still take more  photos overall, no doubt in part because "real" photographers still use "real" cameras and take dozens of pictures for the purposes of using only one. By 2022, more than 7 trillion pictures will be taken. Facebook is the big recipient of many of those pictures, with over 300 million photo uploads per day. Instagram takes in 40 million.

As for what everyone does with all their pictures, most people store them on their computer, but there are still about 17% who print them (you can guess that is the older demographic). Women are more likely than men to share their pictures via social media. It all comes down to the convenience people get with one device. More than half the folks in the UK use their smartphone as their “primary” gadget. When it is all said and done, smartphones are the most effective, economical and efficient personal communications device.

And finally, no photo-centric infographic would be complete without the acknowledgement of the smartphone with the biggest camera of them all - The Nokia Lumia 1020.


Ten things not to do on your smartphone

Our smartphones are an expensive extension to our lives. We take them around with us wherever we go and use it to capture photos and videos of ourselves, our families and friends and share it online on our social networks. We store just about everything on our smartphones, including banking information, contacts, personal photos and more. And when we happen to lose our smartphones we end up loosing much more than we would like to.

Its OK to live in a smartphone dependent world, as long as you may sure not to do the following ten things on your smartphone

Can you think of other things you should not do on your smartphone? Do you disagree with any of the items on this presentation? If so please leave us a comment below.

source - ProtectYourBubble | PhoneArena

How market share and use of cell phones is increasing


InfographicWe live in a world dominated by technology. The post PC era has given birth to the rise of the smartphone and tablet allowing mobile platforms like Android and iOS to grow and reach the masses around the world. Companies like Nokia and BlackBerry which once dominated the landscape, now find themselves fighting to scrape their way back.

Now Coupon Audit has put together an interesting infographic which shows how the market share has changed with the rise of these post PC devices and demonstrated the increase in Post PC devices

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