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[DEAL] 4th of July Windows Phone Games discounts

Yesterday we saw some iOS titles discounted over on the Apple App Store. Now Microsoft wants to get in on the Independence Day celebration with some discounts of their own on the Windows Phone Store.

The titles come from publishers like Electronic Arts, Chillingo and PopCap, and they have six games on discount for you: Battleship, Bejeweled Live, Contre Jour, Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit, The Sims 3 and Tetris.

  • Battleship - discounted to $1.99 (was $2.99) - Battleship for Windows Phone is based on the popular board game by Milton Bradley – try to destroy your opponent's ships with random shots. New gaming mode is added to improve the game's blandness – Superweapon mode, which boosts the gameplay with numerous weapons. Online multiplayer is supported, yet it takes ages to load. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

  • Bejeweled Live - discounted to $2.99 (was $4.99) - Bejeweled Live for Windows Phone is a puzzle game where you have to align three identical gems either horizontally, or vertically, to earn points. Classic, Race the Clock, and Endless are the three available modes to play the game. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

  • Contre Jour - discounted to $1.99 (was $2.99) - Contre Jour for Windows Phone requires you to manipulate the surroundings in order for Petit, our heroic black ball, to reach the end of the level. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit discounted to $2.99 (was $4.99) - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for Windows Phone is a classic racing game continuing the trend of the Need for Speed series. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

  • The Sims 3 - discounted to $3.99 (was $6.99) - The Sims 3 for Windows Phone lets you create your own Sim, design their home, send them to work, introduce them to the neighbors, feed them, order them to take a shower; you are a God, intrinsically. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

  • Tetris discounted to $1.99 (was $2.99)- Tetris for Windows Phone brings a known classic into modern mobile gaming. The basic purpose of the game is to navigate those blocks to form lines. However Gravity and Radical game modes have been included in this version of the game, which makes it even more variegated. Give it a spin if you miss the old days. Available for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 

Which game is your favorite? Stay tuned to this page or follow us on your favorite social network and we will add more titles if and when they are announced.

source - WPCentral

[Guide] How to flash your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Flashing can be used to fix a corrupt or deleted file system, a dead or bricked phone or other software related issue which has caused your phone to stop working. Flashing can also be used to install the latest (or any available) firmware or to flash a custom (cooked) firmware on your device.

We previously gave you a guide on how to flash your Nokia Lumia 920. Now we are going to use the same device as an example in this guide which will show you how to flash any Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

[Windows Phone app] Facebook updated

The Facebook for Windows Phone app has been updated to version 2.9 for Windows Phone 7 and version 4.2 for Windows Phone 8. Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. It features Microsoft’s Modern UI design and includes Facebook Chat, which is fully integrated into Messaging on your Windows Phone.

You can download the update directly on your device through the Windows Phone Store or by using the link which follows:

Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 7.5;
Windows Phone 8.0

Unfortunately a change-log of the update hasn't been released at this time, so be sure to share any new features you may come across in the comments section below

[Windows Phone app] Angry Birds Seasons now available for Windows Phone 7 devices

Rovio has released Angry Birds Seasons for Windows Phone 7 devices on the Windows Phone Store. Angry Birds Seasons takes the captivating gameplay of the original to a whole new level. From Halloween to Chinese New Year, the birds are celebrating different festive seasons around the world. The game features all 15 level packs with over more than 300 challenging levels and the promise of regular free updates.

You can download the game directly on your Windows Phone through the Windows Phone Store or by using the link which follows:

Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 7.0 or above

Press the Search searchbutton on your Lumia phone, tap Vision vision and then scan the following barcode by pointing your device camera toward it

Here's why Microsoft should bring Windows Phone 8 to the Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 800 and other new handsets

I was one of the early adopters of Windows Phone 7 and championed Microsoft’s new operating system to anyone I knew for its fluid performance and innovative interface. Little did I know that my newly purchased Nokia Lumia 800 would soon be obsolete when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.

I strongly believe Microsoft made a very poor choice not to support Windows Phone 7.5 devices and I have written the following post on why I think Microsoft should bring Windows Phone 8 to all Windows Phone devices. I have also suggested some features which should be made available to WP7 users.

Windows Phone 7.5 users were offered a Windows Phone 7.8 update instead of WP8 which brings the WP8 Start Screen, 10 new theme colors and the Bing wallpaper of the day for your lockscreen. Nokia users were even promised a few new value added apps, but these don’t really enhance the operating system which is still behind Android and iOS.
  1. Microsoft campaigned heavily for WP7 sales – Microsoft had several campaigns for Windows Phone 7 stating that other operating systems were beta tests for the true mobile OS, Windows Phone. I understand that it was just marketing, but you deceived both users and developers into making apps for the platform.
  2. Microsoft and Nokia were deceiving about WP7 – Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop went on to say how Windows Phones don’t need multi core processors because of the superiority of the underlying OS. However Microsoft enthusiast Paul Thurrott claimed that WP7 devices weren't powerful enough to run WP8. So which statement should we really believe. It is now clear than Microsoft partners and carriers knew that WP7 devices would eventually be replaced by WP8. There was even an instance when a Nokia Care employee stated that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be updated to Apollo, which was the codename for WP8.
  3. Nokia sent developers free WP7 devices which are now of no use. Does Microsoft and Nokia expect developers to purchase new WP8 hardware just because a new platform has been released. Not all developers can afford purchasing new hardware to support their apps. App revenue on WP isn't as good as on iOS or Android, so why would developers spend money on new WP hardware?
  4. Ignoring early adopters – Microsoft apparently built WP8 from ground up, and it would take some investment to port the operating system to WP7, which Paul Thurrott claims they wouldn’t be willing to do. Why would you risk a new platform on totally new customers, when you can satisfy 20 million existing customers who in turn would introduce Windows Phone 8 to their family and friends. By leaving WP7.5 customers stuck on a dead platform, you are essentially giving them the opportunity to choose alternates instead.
  5. Windows Phone 7.8 is a poor excuse for an update, the only (truly) new feature it brings is the resizable tiles. The other new features are not even worth mentioning.
  6. No new apps for WP7 – No developer would both investing in developing their app for two small Microsoft platforms, when they could be making money on iOS or Android. Microsoft may push developers to port their apps to Windows Phone 8, by giving them various incentives but I don’t see them being able to do the same for WP7.
  7. Paying twice for the same app – If you purchase Angry Birds Star Wars or Android Birds Space on WP7 you will have to pay for them again on WP8. Microsoft may argue that WP7 apps work on WP8, but the WP7 version of both these titles don’t have XBox Live integration. XBox Live integration is probably one of the biggest selling points for the WP platform, so there is no good reason for users to want to pay twice for the same app.
  8. Microsoft has released Windows 8 and hopes that all customers will switch to the new platform. Windows 8 is a radical change for users and its always great to have an accompanying device. Microsoft has released a new syncing tool on Windows 8 for new Windows Phone 8 devices. This tool unfortunately doesn’t support WP7 and users will have to rely on the discontinued Zune desktop client instead.
  9. Xbox Music and Xbox Video  are available through Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices, but Microsoft will not be bringing it to WP7 devices. Why would you release more WP7 hardware if you don’t plan to bring standard features on the platform.
  10. OTA updates have been available on Android since the very beginning and the Apple iPhone 3GS which has been around for several years, is still able to receive OTA updates. Was Nokia being dishonest when they claimed that WP was superior to other mobile operating systems? It still relies on the discontinued Zune client.
  11. Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8  switches off the Wi-Fi connection when screen is locked. Microsoft claims this was a move to save battery life. However they have now introduced a fix for WP8 which allows the Wi-Fi to stay connected, while WP7.8 doesn’t seem to bring this option. Apps cant give notifications when they are offline. Why would Microsoft expect users to keep their data connections running instead?
  12. Another new feature on Windows Phone 8 is the Microsoft Wallet. The Wallet allows you to store credit cards and coupons on your WP8 device and uses NFC to make payments. NFC is still not a widely used standard in the U.S. but the Wallet has other great features like the ability to pay for apps. Since you can add Microsoft Points and Paypal to your wallet, this gives you several other methods of paying for apps. Why cant you bring an NFC free version of the wallet to WP7? This is a feature not available to iOS and Android users and is a great selling point for Windows Phones.
  13. Another really annoying feature on WP devices is that your fingers can accidently touch the capacitive buttons which will direct you to the search or Start Screen. If you are playing an app you will have to load it once again and wait for the app to resume. Microsoft has fixed this with Windows Phone 8 by introducing fast app resume. but WP7 users are still stuck with slow app loading.
  14. Even though Microsoft is now pushing Windows Phone 8, their partners are continuing to release WP7 hardware. How does Microsoft hope to sell hardware that lacks some basic features which users could find in Android alternates? Unless Microsoft brings WP8 to older devices we don’t see any possibility of WP7 continuing to exist as an option for users looking to purchase low priced WP hardware.

As a tech enthusiast and a huge Nokia fan, I feel badly cheated by Microsoft and Nokia with the path they have chosen. I don’t think Windows Phone 7.8 is a proper update for your users and I believe you know that porting Windows Phone 8 for lower end hardware is the right thing to do. Microsoft is cheating both its customers and Nokia as a partner by opting to parallely develop WP7.8 and WP8 and I hope they can blame this on the lack of time and eventually bring a universal solution for their current users.

The public isn't incapable of understanding that certain features cannot be brought to older hardware. But anyone who owns a WP7.5 device will feel nothing but remorse for purchasing a WP7.5 device which would remain without any new features while Microsoft rubs a newer better platform in their faces.

As a tech blogger I would never recommend readers to purchase a WP7.5 or WP7.8 device and I am sure that others in this industry wouldn’t do so either. We hope that Microsoft does what's right and works on bringing Windows Phone 8 to devices like the Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 610 and the Nokia Lumia 510.

[Windows Phone app] Facebook updated (2.8) for Windows Phone 7

The Facebook for Windows Phone app has been updated to version and brings a few new features and improvements. Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. It features Microsoft’s Modern UI design and includes Facebook Chat, which is fully integrated into Messaging on your Windows Phone.

You can download the update directly on your device through the Windows Phone Store or by using the link which follows:

Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 7.0 or above

Xbox Music will not be available for Windows 7 or Windows Phone 7

Xbox Music will not be available for Windows 7 or Windows Phone 7Microsoft recently unveiled their Xbox Music service for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360. which will offer free music streaming on Windows 8 based PCs and tablets. Unfortunately, this service will remain exclusive to the above-mentioned platforms and will not be available to users of Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 devices.

Windows Phone 7 apps will work on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 (codenamed Apollo) is the next major version of Windows Phone and is expected at the latter half of 2012. It will follow Windows Phone Tango (7.6) and Windows Phone Mango (7.5).

It has been assumed that Windows Phone 8 will borrow some parts of the Windows 8 kernel and thus be incompatible with the current generation Windows Phone apps.

This rumour was sparked by a recent tweet by tech blogger Eldar Murtazin who had the following to say:
"WP8 os isnt compatible with wp7 on app level (u need to rewrite all apps). Thats another os core with metro ui".
Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience responded on Twitter with the following clarification:
"...Any app built today will run on next major Windows Phone version".
So this should clarify the question of current generation Windows Phone apps being compatible with the next version of Windows Phone. But Microsoft eventually plans to bring a common Windows operating system to all platforms and we will face this issue sometime in the future.

[Guide] How to take screenshots on your Windows Phone

iOS users have been able to take screenshots natively on their devices from the very start. Android is now offering it as an option on Android 4.0 leaving only Windows Phone out in the dark.

However a homebrew tool has now been made available to help you get passed this obstacle.

NOTE - You will need a device which is either developer unlocked or unlocked through the ChevronWP7 unlock tool.
  1. Download and install Windows Phone developer tools.
  2. Download and install Zune Desktop Software for connectivity drivers for your device.
  3. Download ScreenCapture 2 from Long Zheng
  4. Launch your Application Deployment tool and install XAP file to your Windows Phone.
  5. Set the timer between 1-60 using the slider and tap the Chinese characters for 'Start Screenshots'.

  6. Press the Windows Key and wait for the specified time for the screenshot.
  7. Your screenshots will be saved under  Picture > Albums > Saved picture

This may not be the ideal way to capture screenshots on your device, and we hope Microsoft will soon introduce a native screenshot method. But for now, this is all we have.

source - WPCentral

HTC 7 Mozart - Review

HTC 7 Mozart - Review

The HTC 7 Mozart is among the first lineup of Windows Phone 7 devices. The device features a 3.7 inch display, 8GB of internal storage, 8MP camera with Xenon flash and is powered by a 1GHz processor with 448MB of RAM.The Xenon flash on the device allows taking photos even in low light conditions and you can capture 720p HD videos.

LG Quantum

The Quantum is a smartphone designed and manufactured by LG and runs Windows Phone. The device features a 3.5-inch display, 16GB storage, 5MP camera, QWERTY keyboard and powered by a 1GHz processor.

The full specifications of the LG Quantum follows:

Foursquare for Windows Phone

Foursquare for Windows PhoneThe Foursquare for Windows Phone app helps you explore the world around you. Meet up with friend. find places to go. save money with specials. While on the go, you can easily tell friends where you are, share pictures, get their comments ("I'm right around the corner, I'll stop by to say hello"), and get insider tips ("order the Lobster Ravioli; it's the best dish by far."). Tons of places offer discounts and freebies to foursquare users, and you earn points and badges for doing the things you love.

You can download the latest version of Foursquare on your Windows Phone or using the link below:

Microsoft WPC 2011

Microsoft WPC 2011

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is an annual gathering for the Microsoft partner community to learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year, network and build connections, share best practices, experience the latest product innovations, and learn new skills and techniques.

Windows Phone 7 - Indoor Maps

Windows Phone 7 - Indoor Maps

Check out one of the upcoming features of Windows Phone 7 with their Mango update. The Indoor Maps feature allows you to preview locations of stores within large malls in the U.S. This would be very useful to find our way around some of the bigger malls.

The Windows Phone 7 Mango update is expected during the fall of this year. and promises a lot of new features and enhancements.


HTC HD7S - Specs

The HD7S is a smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC and runs Windows Phone 7. The device is a variant of the HTC HD7 and is equipped with a 4.3 inch display, 5MP camera and 1GHz processor.

What makes the HD7S differ from the HD7 was that it was shipped with an updated version of Windows Phone which features the copy paste function which wasn't available on the first lineup of Windows Phones.

The full HTC HD7S specifications follow:

Windows Phone Mango update is official

Windows Phone Mango update is official

The Mango update for Windows Phone 7 is now official. It promises 500 new features including multitasking and improved social network integration to include Twitter and LinkedIn.

Windows Phone "Mango" update to be previewed at VIP event

Windows Phone "Mango" update to be previewed at VIP event

Microsoft has announced that they will preview their upcoming "Mango" update for Windows Phone 7 for analysts and members of the media at a VIP event in New York on May 24. The developer tools for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) are also expected to be released during this event.

Windows Phone receives (7.0.7392.0) software update

Windows Phone receives (7.0.7392.0) software updateMicrosoft has released a security update for Windows Phone 7. This is a minor update which includes a critical fix to an industry-wide issue with nine untrusted digital certificates that were issued by one root certificate authority. These third-party digital certificates are used to access popular websites and email portals.

Windows Phone 7 - Tablet Concept

Windows Phone 7 - Tablet ConceptCheck out the video which follows of a concept tablet device running Windows Phone 7. I sometimes wonder why most of these concepts don't make it into mainstream devices, the ideas are quite brilliant.

Windows Phone 7 IE mobile browser aces HTML5 drawing test

Windows Phone 7 IE mobile browser aces HTML5 drawing testMicrosoft put a lot of work into Internet Explorer 9 to play catch up with its competitors. It turned out that they did quite a good job with it. Now it's time for Windows Phone 7 OS to get some of that love, and it looks like Microsoft is ready to deliver.

The upcoming Mango update offers a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 which beats both Apple's mobile Safari on the Apple iPhone 4 and Google's Android browser on the Google Nexus S in hardware accelerated graphics rendering test, which was demonstrated during MIX 11.

Check the video demonstration of the three web browsers compared below:

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