HTC One M8 vs. Google Nexus 5 - Video Comparison

HTC One M8Google Nexus 5 by LG

Purchasing flagship devices are generally expensive, unless you are purchasing the Google Nexus 5. However the recently launched  with its stylish aluminum unibody, signature BoomSound speakers, and Duo Camera would like to try steal you away.

The Nexus 5 may not be as fancy-looking as the One M8, but it offers amazing value for its $350 price, with a high-end experience for the user. The One M8 can cost you twice as much if you are getting it off contract, but it really shines in areas such as performance, multimedia, call quality, and battery life.

In the end, your decision will boil down to a choice between a better looking, slightly more powerful device, and a less-stylish one that offers a very, very compelling bang for your buck.

source - PhoneArena | GadgetGuru | AndroidCentral

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