Apple iOS 9 announced

Apple iOS 9 announced

Besides announcing Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple also unveiled iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 as the next major update to their mobile platform. With iOS 9 you get multitasking features on iPad, a more proactive Siri and several operating system improvements that enhance performance battery life and security.

Siri is now smarter and more proactive

With iOS 9, Apple is boosting the capabilities of Siri in the speed and features department both. Apple’s personal assistant is now 40% faster, and 40% more accurate than before.

Siri in iOS 9 also works with photos and videos stored on your device. For example, you can ask Siri to show you all photos you’ve taken in New York, and boom, all your results will be front and center. You can even ask Siri to set a reminder about an article you need to finish which you started off on the Web.

Siri now integrates much better with location. According to Apple: “Like a great assistant, your device can now anticipate what you want to do next based on your location, the time, what app you have open, or what you’re connected to.”

The Proactive Assistant

In iOS 9, search is taking a huge leap. We’ll go as far as saying that Apple has finally gotten search right on iOS, after a long, long time.

With Proactive Assistant, your iOS 9 powered device can suggest you a ton of actions based on your location. For example, you can connect your iPhone to a pair of headphones or your car, and Proactive Assistant will suggest you a playlist or audiobook accordingly.

Furthermore, if you pick up your iPhone in the morning, iOS 9 will suggest you which app you should launch, and all this is done based on your daily routine. But it doesn’t just end there, you can even create calendar events without even touching your keyboard.

If you’re an email buff, then you’re gonna love this one; once you start adding in contacts to a new mail message, the OS will intelligently suggests you contacts which you usually add with someone. Mind. Blown.

Passbook is now Wallet

Passbook, the hub where all our passes lie has been renamed to Wallet. Why? Because, Apple. If your’e a Passbook user, don’t fret or anything at all. It’s the same app you’ve come to love, but with a new name.

As Apple best puts it: “It’s one place for all your credit and debit cards, reward cards, boarding passes, tickets and more.”

Spotlight focuses on things that matter

Spotlight search, something which we’ve come to love – or hate – over the years, is also getting a slight boost from Apple’s development team. The new search hub will now suggest you “recent contacts, apps, or places you may be interested in.” A great way to skip across the hassle of launching multiple apps and swiping through home screens.

Security is also at the forefront in Apple’s book, and its new method of search and its APIs aren’t any different. The company is promising that it does not associate your searches with your Apple ID, nor or they shared with third-parties.

Updated Notes app can do more

The Notes app is getting a complete makeover in iOS 9. And if you’re a fan of to-do lists then you’re absolutely going to love this. “Add a checklist of to-do items in Notes with just a tap.”

You can add photos from your camera right from the Notes app, but that’s not all, you can add content to your notes from other apps, Maps, Safari etc. as well.

Maps now offers Transit information

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how much they loathe Apple’s Maps app. But with iOS 9, Apple is taking things up a notch with new features to the Maps app.

According to Apple: “A new Transit view in Maps includes directions for public transportation like buses, trains, subways, and ferries.”

News curates topics that matter to you

iOS 9 comes with a brand new News app, which, well, displays news. But it’s not another boring news app, there’s much more to it.

The News app has a curated section of “articles based on your interests.” Apple further explains: “Articles in News combine interactive stories with beautiful editorial layouts, photo galleries, animations, and video.”

The News app is available on both the iPhone and iPad, and in typical Apple fashion, your data is kept private and nothing is shared with third-parties.

Initially, the News app will work in the US, UK and Australia.

Updated QuickType Keyboard

If you’re in the ownership of an iPad, then you’ll be pleased to learn that iOS 9 comes with a new QuickType keyboard with new editing tools, making things more faster than before.

There’s a new shortcut bar up top, where all your editing features sit and it’s fully customizable for third-party apps.

Improved Multitasking

We will detail iOS 9’s multitasking features in a separate post. But here’s a teaser: it now supports split-screen multitasking.

More Metal improves overall performance

Metal is meant for games to deliver performance at its peak. But in iOS 9, Apple is using the very same engine for apps as well, to deliver faster performance and smoother scrolling.

Improved Battery Life

iOS 9 is more easier on resources when compared to iOS 8. If you’re an iPhone 6, you’ll get an additional one hour of usage. And on iPad, you’ll get an additional four hours of usage.

Takes lesser space to install

Unlike iOS 8, iOS 9 requires very, very little free space to update, hence 16GB device users can rejoice!

CarPlay Goes Wireless

Starting iOS 9, CarPlay has gone wireless, negating the need to physically hook up your iPhone to your car’s in-dash infotainment system.


Apple also touched upon HomeKit – its home automation platform. The company says: “HomeKit supports new accessories like home security systems and mechanical blinds. And with iCloud Remote Access, you can control them no matter where you are.”

Improvements to Health app

The Health app is a complete hub for everything related to your health and fitness. With iOS 9, Apple’s taking things up a notch. The Health app can track “reproductive health, how often you’re seated, and UV exposure.”

Release and Availability

Apple will release the first beta of iOS 9 to developers later today. A public beta of the update is expected in July, while the final release will take place this fall.


With each iteration of Apple's iOS, the company continues to add new features and improvements to their mobile platform. Unsurprisingly, with every release the company chooses to drop certain models which are deemed incapable of running the most recent version of iOS.

Surprisingly, and much to a lot of users’ excitement, Apple will be bringing iOS 9 to all devices that were iOS 8 supported; yes, that includes the iPhone 4s and iPod touch 5G.

Here’s a complete list of all the iOS 9 compatible devices:

Apple iPhone
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
Apple iPad
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini

Apple iPod touch
  • iPod touch 5th-gen
While the general public will have to wait until fall to try out iOS 9, those interested can opt for the public beta which will be released in July.

Keep in mind that even though iOS 9 supports a wide array of devices, only a select number of features may be available on all of them.


source - Apple

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