OnePlus releases OxygenOS

OnePlus releases OxygenOS

Oxygen OS, One Plus' flavor of  Android, was expected back on February 12, but has faced a number of delays as the build was going through a certification process. Now the company behind the OnePlus One is finally ready to unveil Oxygen OS to its users.

Oxygen OS is Based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop,and is said to be “light and essential” with all the customization, and useful features OnePlus owners have enjoyed with their devices. Gestures are baked in, and quick settings have some nice appointments. There is also a welcome File Manager built into the platform.

As you can see from the feature video above, and as anticipated, OxygenOS is really a feature augmentation to Lollipop, as the experience looks almost completely stock. That no doubt lends to what looks like smooth and fast performance on the hardware.

OxygenOS is an optional download for OnePlus One users, who  can still opt to keep using Cyanogen ROMs. OnePlus is committed to be prompt with updates, and encourages users to download the company’s feedback app to submit comments about the experience. You can click on the source link for all the details.

How to download and install Oxygen OS ROM on OnePlus One

Check out this step by step guide for help with downloading and installing the Android 5.0.2 based OxygenOS ROM on your OnePlus One. Its important to note that rooting and flashing a custom ROM will void the warranty on your device, and any damage to the device will no longer be covered.



How to unlock your Bootloader and Install Custom Recovery

Step 1: Download the TWRP custom recovery and place the file in the Fastboot folder in the installed Android SDK on your computer.

Step 2: On your phone, enable the installation from Unknown Sources from Settings > Security.

Step 3: To boot the phone into Fastboot mode, hold down the volume up key + power button. When you see the Fastboot logo, you can now connect the phone to your computer.

Step 4: Run Terminal on Mac or Command Prompt on Windows and enter the following command to unlock the bootloader:
fastboot oem unlock
Step 5: Now we will flash the TWRP recovery. Run Terminal or Command Prompt and navigate to the Fastboot folder where the TWRP recovery image is placed. Enter the following commands:
fastboot flash recovery
fastboot reboot
The custom recovery is now installed.

How to install the Oxygen OS ROM

Step 1: Download the OxygenOS ROM and copy the file to the root of your phone’s storage.

Step 2: Now we need to enter recovery mode on the phone. Do this by holding down the volume down key + power button.

Step 3: Once in recovery mode, make sure you take a Nandroid backup. After taking the backup, do a complete factory reset of the phone.

Step 4: Now tap the Install button and look for the file to install it.

Step 5: Once the ROM is flashed, simply reboot your phone.

You are now running the latest Lollipop OS based Oxygen OS ROM on your OnePlus One.

source - OnePlus

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