Motorola Moto X 2014 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - Video Comparison

Motorola Moto X (2014)Samsung Galaxy S5

The is generally one of the top flagship smartphone choices, for anyone looking to purchase a new smartphone. This year the has set itself as one of Samsung's biggest competitors, with an improved design and hardware.

Samsung has worked hard to be recognized as a top smartphone choice for the consumer, and their flagship manages to beat out the Moto X in some key categories. From its superior battery life, sharp camera quality, and its rich set of software features, the Galaxy S5 is without a doubt a few steps ahead of the Moto X.

However, in terms of design, Motorola has done an amazing job with their latest flagship offering a premium metal frame and a sturdy durable body. One cannot say the same for the Galaxy S5 which is still flaunts a plastic body. If you choice is based on the look of the device, you may find yourself favoring the Moto X, but the Galaxy S5 is clearly the better performer of the two.

source - PhoneArena

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