Samsung Galaxy S4 for Sprint receives update to include international Wi-Fi Calling

SprintThe Samsung Galaxy S4 for Sprint which supports Sprint Spark, is currently receiving a software update which enable calling or texting using international Wi-Fi calling. Spring Spark is a tri-band LTE network which offers extremely fast data speeds. With Sprint Spark, the phone is able to figure out which of the three bands is best suited for a particular task, which allows for faster wireless service.

Samsung Galaxy S4Once Sprint customers have updated their Galaxy S4, they will be able to use Wi-Fi calling even when their out outside of the U.S.. While overseas in over 100 countries, customers will be able to call or text anyone in the U.S., the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico without having to pay for the calls, or having them count against their monthly allowance of voice minutes.

Currently Wi-Fi calling is supported by 11 Sprint branded handsets, including the HTC One max, HTC One M8 (including Harman/Kardon edition), LG G3, LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy S4 (with Sprint Spark), Samsung Galaxy S5 (including Galaxy S5 Sport), Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sharp AQUOS Crystal (when released).

Over the course of the year, these Sprint models will also receive the updated to allow international Wi-Fi calling.

source - Sprint

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