HTC 'Eye' for AT&T maybe the ultimate selfie phone

According to a new report, HTC is in the process of developing a new handset, codenamed 'Eye', which is set for release during Q4 this year, and may be offered through AT&T in the U.S.. The name is apparently is apparently in reference to the device front camera, which is meant to make it the very best 'selfie' smartphones on the market. 

As to what exactly constitutes an industry-leading selfie phone, we'd have to wait and see. That said, we suppose a rather large sensor, along with of selfie-centric feature set on the software side, are to be expected.

Now, a Q4 release is still a fair way off, so it's not surprising that this is all the information we have so far. Inevitably, though, if such a device makes it beyond the drawing board, we will likely be hearing more about it in due time.


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