Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Video Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated Android smartphones of 2014. But how much has it changed from the Samsung Galaxy S4? is the Galaxy S5 a change big enough to convince you to upgrade from the Galaxy S4? Check out the following video comparison to find out

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be a radical upgrade over last year's Samsung Galaxy S4, but the manufacturer has added great value to the handset to make you want to switch to the newer flagship. You get a faster processor, a more solid design, an updated TouchWiz UI, an improved camera, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor and IP67 certification for dust and water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

However it is important to ask yourself if the new additions are requirements in your day to day lives. Its also important to remember that the Galaxy S5 is now larger than the Galaxy S4 making it harder to handle than its predecessor.

source - PhoneArena

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