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Motorola Moto X successor coming in summer alongside new Moto smartwatch

Motorola is conducting a Q&A session on Twitter, and the company has just confirmed that the successor to its Moto X will be released in "late summer." While Motorola has not provided more details on the device, we are expecting it to offer the same customizable and unique experience at an attractive price point.

The first Motorola Moto X was was released in August 2013 didn't come with the high end specs found on other flagships. Because of this, Motorola was able to reduce the price of the Moto X and make it a hot seller. We are curious to see if Motorola will follow their new pricing format or released an overpriced device like they originally did with the Moto X.

Since Lenovo purchased Motorola, we may see a global rollout of the next-generation Moto X, which should help even further with unit sales.

Apart from smartphones, Motorola SVP of products Rick Osterloh confirmed at MWC 2014 that the company would release a new smartwatch. As you may remember, Motorola launched its first smartwatch, dubbed MOTOACTV, in 2011. According to Rick Osterloh, the issue with current smartwatches “is that no one wants to wear them.” Well, we’re waiting to see what Motorola is going to do about that. The company’s new smartwatch should be available starting the next few months and, reportedly, it will "solve some real user problems."

source - Engadget
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