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HTC confirms 8X will receive Windows Phone 8.1 update

After what happened Windows Phone 7 devices and the Windows Phone 8 update, it has become hard to trust that Microsoft, even when they state that all current Windows Phone 8 handsets should be eligible for future updates. On the other hand, the manufacturers themselves have to be committed to updating their handsets, especially HTC or Samsung. Luckily HTC has some great news for us.

Today, HTC took to Reddit for an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, where questions were fielded from the audience about Android. However, a member of the audience asked HTC directly if they were “done” with Windows Phone.

The USA Product Team for HTC were surprisingly forthright in their answer:
“To say "done with Windows Phone" is a pretty blanket statement. I don't think a company such as ourselves can ever say that point blank. As strong partners of Microsoft, we're working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products into consideration. Nothing concrete right now, but who knows!”
Of course there is no word about the budget friendly  or the on Sprint. At least the HTC 8X will be happy to know that HTC plans on bringing Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) to users later this year.

Windows Phone 8.1 is the first major update to Windows Phone 8 and it is expected to be unveiled at Microsoft's BUILD conference in April. The update is rumored to bring a digital voice assistant, notification center and several other improvements to bring it in line with Android and iOS.

The HTC 8X was launched as a signature Windows Phone 8 device, but has since been overshadowed by several offerings from Nokia. By the time Windows Phone 8.1 starts to hit hardware through updates, the 8X will be nearly two years old. That shouldn't impact the OS at all as 8.1 is optimized to run even on the Lumia 520.

source - Reddit | Engadget | WPCentral
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