[Guide] How to install Whited00r 6 and bring the iOS 6 experience to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and older iPod Touch

Keeping up with the latest technology trends can be quite expensive, and iPhone owners will know that after two years their iPhones will quickly start missing out one several features enjoyed by the newer iPhones. Not everyone can afford the luxury of owning the newest iPhone and its likely you will find yourself still holding onto your trusty first or second generation iPhone.

Recently developers have released Whited00r 6 which promises to breathe life into your old iOS device and give it an iOS 6.0 like feel. As you may know iOS 6 is only available as low as the Apple iPhone 3GS. For those who own an original Apple iPhone 2G, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPod Touch first gen or Apple iPod Touch second gen you can check out our following guide on how to install Whited00r 6 and bring iOS 6 experience to your old iOS device.

Whitedoor 6 offers the following features
  • Voice Control offers an alternative to Siri
  • Access to hundreds of applications which are currently not supported by older devices along with access to the official Apple App Store and Cydia.
  • Whited00r runs a iOS 3 variant which promises speed without compromising performance.
  • Double-press on the home button gives you access to the app switcher for multitasking
  • The Sharing Menu and improved Safari
  • Video recording
  • Folders to help you keep your apps organized
  • Reminders to create To-Do lists
  • Cloud backup for your app data and save games.
  • Best of all these features are available for FREE.

[DISCLAIMER] Installing this MOD requires you to jailbreak your device. Please note that this website is not responsible for any loss of data or device malfunction which can occur from following this guide. Please proceed at your own risk.

[NOTE] You will need to jailbreak your iOS device before you proceed. You can check out our Jailbreaking guides for various iOS devices here.

[NOTE] Please make sure you backup your data before you proceed. You can transfer your applications from your device back to iTunes by right clicking on our device name on iTunes, selecting Backup and then Transfer Purchases.

  1. Download Whited00r for your iOS device. You can either download the compressed (.ipsw) file from sourceforge or through torrents available through the following links.
  2. Once you have downloaded the compressed file from one of the links above extract the (.ipsw) file to an accessible location on your computer (eg: desktop)
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  4. Open iTunes and select your device and click on Restore holding ALT (MacOS) or SHIFT (Windows) at the same time and select the whited00r Software Update (.ipsw) from you computer.
  5. After the installation is complete iTunes will ask if you want to restore from your previous backup
    [NOTE] Though you can restore your backup at this point the developer suggest a clean installation on your iPhone to avoid issues.
Thats it, now you can enjoy a rejuvenated iOS 6 like experience on your old iOS device. However there are some additional features for advanced users below.

Whited00r Setup Tool.

Whited00r includes a suite of advanced tools via Terminal (included in Whited00r firmware by default). You can fully control and customize your Whited00r 6 installation on your device. Follow these steps to launch the Setup Tool
  • Open Terminal (MobileTerminal.app) on your device
  • Type "setup" without quotes and press [enter] to start the script to configure your device
  • Interact with the simple GUI of the Setup Tool
The Whited00r setup tool offers the following features

  1. Speed up your deviceWhited00r is really fast even "out of the box". But you can get extra speed disabling some unnecessary system services and features. You could do it manually on any jailbroken device but you need to be quite experienced. Our setup tool with "a" submenu will guide you.
    • Manage Daemons: many system service are disabled by default of Whited00r in order to provide a fast firmware, but if you might want to have a full control on them, use this tool. You can enable or disable the following
      • Spotlight search
      • Exchange or Google sync
      • Import Contacts from SIM card
      • tethering
    • Manage Features: Whited00r includes the following features from iOS5 and iOS6. 
      • Folders
      • Voice Control (Siri)
      • FastAppSwitching (multi-tasking)
      • Sharing Menu
      • HomeScreen Wallpaper
        [NOTE] You can remove them if you don't like or you don't use them: this will improve speed and stability of the firmware.
  2. Get extra drive spaceThe "b" submenu offers two useful tool to get free space on your internal drive: you can remove languages and all retina images
    • Remove Languages: this removes the languages you don't need: be careful since it is a permanent removal, and you have to restore the device if you want the deleted languages back. English will not removed anyway.
    • Remove Retina Images: most of the application you install from AppStore or AppTimeMachine includes the Retina images that are used by most recent devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Your Whited00r 6 device doesn't use them, since your screen is not Retina capable. Get extra free space by removing them. You can repeat this process every time you install a new application.
  3. Push Notifications - If you are using the Whited00r unlocked firmware, the push notifications won't work by default since the device skips the activation process on iTunes. In order to enable Push Notifications on your device download and install iPusher from the AppStore or AppTimeMachine.

    If you are using the Whited00r Normal firmware should have Push Notification working "out of the box", since you will have to pass the iTunes activation in order to use your device.

Don't forget to reboot your device when you finish your customization, it is really important.

[UPDATE] Learn how to get the iOS 7 experience on your device with Whited00r 7 for your older iPhone or iPod Touch

iOS 7 on iPhone 3G with Whited00r 7 How to install Whited00r 7 on your iOS device
Check out our step by step guide on how to install Whited00r 7 and bring the iOS 7 experience to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and older iPod Touch

WhiteD00r essentially offers users an alternative to CyanogenMod for your iOS device. Are you using WhiteD00r on your old iOS device? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts about this mod.

For more information on Whited00r along with additional guides or concerns check out the source link below.

source - WhiteD00r

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