You can now buy Google Fi SIM cards from Best Buy

You can now buy Google Fi SIM cards from Best Buy

Back in November, Google dropped the "Project" branding from their wireless service and relaunched it as Google Fi with support for most Android phones and iPhones. While customers were previously only able to purchase the service from the company's website, Google is now also offering Google Fi through Best Buy.

The announcement was made on the Google Fi subreddit, where the company stated that Fi SIM cards will be available in "500+" Best Buy locations across the U.S. Google's not saying which stores will have the cards, and the number refers to about half of all Best Buy stores, so be sure to check before making the trip.

The SIM cards will cost $10, but you'll get that back as a service credit so they ultimately end up free. Best Buy will only be offering Google Fi SIM cards for full service, not data-only.

It is important to note that while you can buy Google Fi SIMs at Best Buy, the staff will not be able to help you activate the SIM. In order to get your Google Fi service up and working, you still have to make sure you have a compatible phone, sign up via the website and activate using the Google Fi app. Google does have online chat help available, but if you're someone who prefers in-person help, Google Fi probably still isn't the option for you.

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