The Ellen Show audience members receive free iPhone XR

The Ellen Show audience members receive free iPhone XR

The Ellen Show is currently running their 12 days of Giveaways promotion, where the celebrity talk show host gives her audience different gifts on each of the twelve days. On Day 5 of the giveaway, every audience member was given a free Apple iPhone XR for attending.

The gift was given after host Ellen and guest Julia Roberts played the popular Heads Up game, where two people face each other, one with a smartphone on their head, and the other giving clues to help the person with the smartphone guess what's on their phone screen. Depending on the category being played, it could be the name of a song, movie, television show or celebrity. In this case, the theme was Christmas.

After the game ended, the two headed over to the front to take a selfie with the iPhone XR. They followed up by promoting the device, citing that it is available in six different colors and touting that it offered the longest battery life on an iPhone. Following that Ellen announced that all the audience members would be walking away with a brand new iPhone XR, much to their joy. You can relive that moment in the video embedded below.

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