Motorola announces Moto Selfie Stick: wood, leather, and a touch of class

Motorola Moto Selfie Stick

Over the years, taking the perfect selfie has been a problem for many. Thankfully Motorola has stepped in and announced the Moto Selfie Stick which aims to help take the perfect selfie

The Moto Selfie Stick is assembled by hand, and comes in several variants, including one that's made out of real wood and is dressed in hand-stitched leather making it a great companion for the red leather Moto X. As Motorola puts it, "a selfie stick is not just an accessory, it's an extension of who you are," that's why it's crafting these products as works of art.

You can see the amount of work Motorola has put into crafting the Selfie Stick in the following video, and get more information regarding pricing and availability by following the source link below


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