SanDisk introduces 200GB microSD card

SanDisk introduces 200GB microSD cardSanDisk has announced a new 200GB microSD card at MWC 2015, for those who are looking for a large amount of expandable storage. The card will be known as the 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition and it is currently the largest capacity microSD card available for use in mobile devices.

Currently the smartphones support as much as 128GB of microSD storage, and that capacity is only supported by a select few Android flagships. The Windows Phone platform on the other hand supports up to 128GB even on entry level handsets like the Microsoft Lumia 535.

SanDisk was able to create the 200GB card by taking the technology it used for the 128GB microSD card and revised the design and production method to fit more bits per die. At a transfer rate of 90Mbps, consumers can transfer 1200 photos in a minute. SanDisk VP Christopher Chute notes in a statement that 70% of images captured by consumers are now done on a smartphone or tablet. By 2019, that figure will be as high as 90% and consumers will be looking for additional storage space.

The 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Edition will launch in the second quarter, priced at $399.99. It comes with a ten-year warranty. The card will store up to 20 hours of FHD video. Each card is waterproof, X-ray proof, magnet proof and temperature proof which ensures that your memories will be kept safe.

source - SanDisk | Engadget

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