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The Connects community is always something I have been proud to be a part. It introduces you to a world of Lumia and Microsoft technology,  and shows how you can use this technology to make a difference in your life. This is the story of a fellow Connects Community member Phil Galloway.

Phil is a digital artist, who paints beautiful Christmas scenes and portraits live using a variety of Microsoft technology, including a Surface Pro 3 tablet, Lumia 930 and Fresh Paint app. Phil is known for winning the Connects MVC award back in September and his excellent tips for painting on your Lumias.
My mission is to develop my traditional methods of art and drawing through mobile technology to produce realistic interpretations in digital paint. I want to fulfil, yet also challenge people’s perception of traditional art by producing engaging works in which people question how it was produced, what medium was used and on what platform it was created on. The Lumia phones along with Surface technology allow me this freedom and it is the viewer’s reactions to the work that drives me to keep learning, innovating and ultimately improving as an artist.
Now this talented artist has made his way to Old Spitafields Market in London this Christmas, where he will be exhibiting his work and letting the audience get involved.

Phil Galloway #MakeItHappen

He is joined by fellow Connects community member, Jakob Montrasio who supported the creative direction of the shoot and shot behind the scenes stills with his Lumia 930.

You can check out some of Phil's at below.

Can you think of ways Microsoft technology can help your passion become a reality? Get it touch with the Connects team and see if you can #MakeItHappen like Phil with a #ConnectsTrial.

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