Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. Apple iPhone 6 - Video Comparison

Samsung Galaxy AlphaApple iPhone 6 Plus

While Apple has chosen to experiment on larger screen sizes with the Apple iPhone 6, Samsung has decided that they will replace their all plastic body with a premium metal design on their Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Both handsets offer nearly identical specs and features, so lets see how they compare.

Both the Galaxy Alpha and the iPhone 6 have been priced at $200 on contract, further clarifying their similarities. Samsung is clearly experimenting with a more premium build in an attempt to find Apple's formula for success, and the Galaxy Alpha is a clear alternative for iPhone users looking to switch platforms.

However it is important to note that the iPhone 6 still has the more premium design between the two, and Samsung will eventually bring the design improvements from the Galaxy Alpha over to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

source - PhoneArena

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