OnePlus One software update said to fix screen issues currently being tested, OTA update to follow

OnePlus One

Since its launch, OnePlus One owners have been facing issues with the phone's touchscreen. Reports suggest that the display becomes unresponsive, causing it to miss certain touches , taps or swipes resulting in a frustrating typing experience. Now a firmware upgrade is in testing that takes care of this problem entirely.

The update is not quite ready for public use, but once it has been tested, it's expected to go out to users soon in an upcoming over-the-air update. The update should also stop the random reboots and address an issue where seemingly random lines occasionally show up on the screen. It's quite frustrating that this highly hyped device is plagued with so many bugs, and we hope the OnePlus team will make a quite job of fixing all these issues on their flagship handset.

source - Android Police

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