Apple iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 - Video Comparison

Apple iPhone 6Sony Xperia Z3

It looks like Apple has finally gotten tired of people complaining about the small screen sizes on its iPhone, and has released two of its largest smartphones to date. The Apple iPhone 6 is a formidable device, but how will it compare against the waterproof chassis, 20 MP camera, and stereo speakers on the Sony Xperia Z3.

The iPhone 6 is more manageable in the hand and easier to fit into your pocket compared to the Xperia Z3. Its 8MP camera even manages to the outperform the 20MP camera on the Xperia Z3, especially for low-light shots. Additionally, the Apple Pay system, iOS ecosystem and the fingerprint scanners definitely add value to the iPhone.

On the other hand with the Xperia Z3 you get a waterproof device with stereo speakers, not to mention the customizable Android ecosystem and the unique PlayStation 4 Remote Playing feature. But the biggest advantage on the Xperia Z3 is its "two-day battery" life, which is the best of its flagship smartphone class. 

source - PhoneArena

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