T-Mobile JUMP! customers will get priority ordering Apple iPhone 6 this weekend

T-Mobile JUMP!

On Friday, T-Mobile customers had a bit of trouble pre-ordering the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. CEO John Legere's Twitter page was full of tweets from T-Mobile account holders, complaining that they were having a problem pre-ordering a new Apple iPhone 6 models.

A few customers received an image of the Samsung Behold that was titled the Apple iPhone 6. In an effort to keep its customers happy, T-Mobile announced that it will give those with a T-Mobile JUMP! plan, priority when it comes to shipping out pre-ordered Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus units. This priority will be automatically arranged for those JUMP! customers who pre-order either new iPhone 6 model before midnight Sunday.

While this is great news for JUMP! customers, other T-Mobile subscribers on different plans may not be thrilled to hear this. This also means that T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered either iPhone 6 model on Friday, are not guaranteed first day shipping. In fact, one T-Mobile customer who pre-ordered at 7:10 AM Eastern Time on Friday, received an email saying that the device he ordered is now on backorder with no estimated delivery date.

It is a bit of a setback for what has been the most consumer friendly mobile operator in the states, although there shouldn't be any lingering effect.

source - TMoNews

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