HTC schedules "Double Exposure" event on October 8

HTC has scheduled a special press event for October 8 titled “Double Exposure” that is taking place in New York City. While no further information was provided on the screenshot, invitees were left to speculate what they can expect based on the invite.

The press invite shows two women holding what looks like an HTC One (M8), potentially taking a selfie. The One M8 does feature a capable 5 megapixel camera in front capable of capturing selfies, so we can't help but wonder how the picture of the flagship on the invite relates to the event. Recent rumors have suggested that the company was working a device called the HTC Eye, which could be the ultimate selfie phone. This rumored device is reportedly also being tested for the AT&T network. 

The words "double exposure" also have a sense of mystery about them. The two green boxes on the invite seem to highlight the 4MP Duo camera setup on the One M8 while leads us to believe that the HTC Eye could probably come with a Duo camera setup in front?

We also wouldn't mind entertaining the idea that HTC Eye could be a camera software which enhances selfies on the HTC One M8 just like Nokia Selfie for Windows Phone... What do you think ?

HTC schedules "Double Exposure" event on October 8

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