NVIDIA announces 64-bit "Denver" ARM chip for Android which rivals PC performance

NVIDIANVIDIA has announced its new 64-bit ARMv8 "Denver" SoC for Android, which is the successor to its Tegra K1 chip. The company is very confident of the chips abilities and claims that the "Denver" SoC offers the same performance found on some PCs.

"Denver" will be available in two pin-compatible versions, and both feature a new technology called Dynamic Code Optimization. This technology "optimizes frequently used software routines at runtime into dense, highly tuned microcode-equivalent routines. These are stored in a dedicated, 128MB main-memory-based optimization cache." This means that when you run certain apps, the optimized code is already ready and waiting. And the Dynamic Code Optimization will work on apps already written for the ARM platform, meaning no additional work for the developer.

NVIDIA has high hopes for the SoC, saying that it will "rival some mainstream PC-class CPUs at significantly reduced power consumption." With speed, power and less power use, "Denver" appears perfect to run games, create content and run powerful enterprise-centric apps on Android flavored devices.

NVIDIA introduces its 64-bit ARM v8 SoC for Android
NVIDIA introduces its 64-bit ARM v8 SoC for Android

source - NVIDIA

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