LG G2 for AT&T receives Knock Code update

LG G2 for AT&T receives Knock Code update
The LG G2 for AT&T (D800) is now receiving the Knock Code update. Last month, saw the international LG G2 receive the much anticipated Knock Code update. Knock Code is an improved version of KnockOn which allows the user to create a locking pattern which can consist of two to eight on-screen taps.

The LG G Pro 2 was the first LG device to debut Knock Code while several LG devices have adopted this feature since then. The recently announced LG G3, which is the company's current flagship, also comes with Knock Code on board. LG also revealed that the LG G Flex will be getting it thanks to an upcoming update, too.

After you receive the update on your LG G2, the option to set a Knock Code unlocking pattern will appear in the lock screen settings of your G2. As usual, take into consideration that the update might not land on your G2 right away, but it will, eventually.

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