Chromecast update to bring several new features


During I/O 2014, Google announced Android TV, which hopes to take over your living room. However the company hasn't quite forgotten one of its most successful releases, the Chromecast. The humbly priced, $35 dongle is about to get some decent features and improvements

One of the best new features heading to the Chromecast will be the ability to mirror your Android device display to your TV set. There will be a new button on select Android handsets which will say "Cast screen," and as soon as it's pressed, you will be able to see whatever you are doing on your device - gaming, watching a movie, reviewing pictures, even the camera app - stretched to your TV, and mirrored pixel by pixel. Mirroring to your Chromecast will be supported by devices like, Google's Nexus devices (of course), the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, LG G2 Pro, and the HTC One.

Another feature Google is hoping to improve on the Chromecast is its idle screen. Currently the Chromecast serves a feed of photos which you cannot really edit or change. The update will give users much more control over their Chromecast, including the ability to select an image source from their own albums.

All in all the the affordable Chromecast an almost unbeatable value when it comes to connecting your Android gear to your TV.

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