HTC One M8 vs. HTC Desire 816 - Video Comparison

HTC One M8 vs. HTC Desire 816

While the HTC One M8 currently rules the company's lineup in the flagship category, the HTC Desire 816 is the company's top mid-range phone. Essentially both devices look nearly identical, but the Desire 816 is made of plastic, while the One M8 features a premium aluminum finish

Despite their similar design, once you look a little deeper obvious differences surface between the Desire and the One become fairly evident. To start with, the Desire 816 is a little heavier than it’s “big” brother, weighing in at 5.82 ounces for the 816, compared to 5.64 ounces for the One M8. The batteries feature the same 2600 mAh capacity, but the screen on the Desire is a bit bigger: 5.5-inches versus the 5-incher in the One M8.

That’s not where the screen differences end. The Desire 816 uses a Super LCD2 panel with a 720P resolution at 267ppi. The One M8′s smaller screen uses LCD3 technology to deliver a 1080P resolution at 441ppi. Don’t let that fool you! The display on the Desire is big, bold, bright, and looks fantastic. HD video feels right at home on a more-than-adequately sized screen.

Flanking the screen on both devices are a pair of front-firing stereo speakers. Although the grills look different, thanks to BoomSound, both phones sound great!

Both devices run Android Kitkat 4.4.2 with Sense UI 6, although certain features found on the One M8 are missing in the Desire 816. Tap-to-wake is missing on the 816, as are the quick gestures to launch the camera. UFocus and Zoe are missing, too.

Speaking of the camera, on the surface, the Desire 816′s 13MP shooter looks like a huge improvement over the One M8′s 4MP sensor. In practice, images shot in perfect lighting have more detail and better resolution than the One M8. However, since many pics are shot in less than ideal situations, the One M8′s camera, despite having fewer megapixels, edges out over the Desire 816.

The Desire 816 is powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor with an Adreno 305 GP and 1.5GB of RAM. Meanwhile the One M8 features a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 graphics and 2GB of RAM.

While this comparison is not meant to show which is the better smartphone, its clearly meant to educate the user on which of the two smartphones will make a better fit for you, based on your needs.

source - PocketNow

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