How to get free calls, texts and data plan in the U.S.

Most of us in the U.S. are tethered to some kind of contract with a mobile carrier, and our monthly bills can get very expensive if we want to get a decent phone while we are on contract. FreedomPop has long since sought to shake the market up by offering basic smartphones for a one-off fee, and continued monthly minutes, texts and data for free. Most recently, the company even has devices like the and the on its lineup.

When the service first started, it offered the HTC EVO Design 4G for $100, and allowed customers to attach the device to a package with 200 minutes, 500MB of data, and 500 texts for free every month. Obviously you would have to pay once you pass these limited, and this is where FreedomPop could hit the margins, but for a casual user or as a SIM for a spare device, FreedomPop’s offering looked incredible value for money.

FreedomPop gives its customers access through Sprint's network and has continued to thrive, which can be seen as they offer a more decent selection of devices on their network. Some of the devices the carrier offers include:
Obviously, if you are someone who likes watching YouTube videos, checking Vine or posting Instagram pictures, you will find that 500MB won't last you very long. FreedomPop is also currently offering a $19.99 per month Unlimited Everything package which should satisfy the heavy users.

If you are interested in trying out the service head over to to select the device you like and get started.

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