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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Video Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy Note 3

While we don't consider this a valid battle, the following video will compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 with its own sibling, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both devices are aimed at very different users - while the Galaxy S5 aims to pack as much power while remaining portable, the Galaxy Note 3 breaks past the barrier of portability in favor of productivity with its S Pen stylus and value adding apps.

Since they are not meant to compete against each other, its hard to point out which of the two is the better smartphones. While the Galaxy Note 3 may have the advantage in screen size and battery life, its sheer size is clearly not the more portable device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

At the end of the day the choice will come down to personal preference as they will offer you a near identical experience aside from subtle differences that make them unique. However if you are thinking about purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 we should remind you that the Galaxy Note 4 is due later this year.

source - PhoneArena
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