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Windows Phone voice assistant Cortana leaks again, claims to absorb 'the entire Internet'

Cortana Digital Voice Assistant for Windows Phone 8.1Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant Cortana is expected to be represented by a blur circular orb and have personality traits similar to Apple's Siri. According to the latest leak Cortana claim to be "absorbing the entire internet" while performing a search, promising it "won't take long".

Cortana is expected to replace Bing Search entirely, and can address you with different nicknames you choose for yourself. If you let it, Cortana will be able to search through your messages for flight details, among other things, and set notifications on its own.When this awareness is switched on, it can also collect behavior patterns, location data, contact information, calendar reminders, and such, in a so-called Notebook.

Just like on Android with Google Now, the compiled information will be used to better assist your needs, and automate your tasks, aided by services like Foursquare and others. How successful these functions are executed in Cortana, or if this will be the final name of the service at all, remains to be seen when Microsoft unveils it next month, as part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

source - TheVerge
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