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HTC releases third video teaser for HTC One successor, focus on dual cameras

HTC has released a third video teasing the upcoming HTC One (2014). The new video discusses the 2.0 micrometer pixels that HTC used on the current version of the HTC One and also explains how Ultrapixels allow 300% more light into the camera sensor, allowing for better photographs even under low light conditions.

When it comes time to discuss the features on the camera of the new HTC One, the dialogue on the video is bleeped out and the device itself is disguised to keep the design a secret.

The new model is expected to feature dual-sensor rear-facing cameras in the back. Combining the two sensors is supposed to bring better depth perception to pictures taken with the phone and allow for better photographs taken under low-light conditions.

The front-facing shooter is expected to be 5MP with an f/1.8 aperture to allow for sharp selfies even when the lighting conditions are less than optimal. With the improved 16MP snapper on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the 20.7MP rear camera on the Sony Xperia Z2 and a better 13MP camera on the rear of the LG G3, HTC needs the changes made on the new shooter to keep up with the competition.

The HTC One (2014) is also expected to feature a dual-LED flash. We recently got to show you a close-up of the dual camera sensors and the dual LED flash thanks to a leaked photo tweeted by evleaks. The HTC One (2014) is expected to be unveiled on March 25th and you can check out HTC's latest video teaser for the handset by clicking on the video below.

source - HTC (YouTube) | AndroidandMe
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