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Windows Phone 8.1 to support new lower and higher display resolutions

Windows Phone 8.1As Android continues to dominate flagship smartphones, it looks like Microsoft is hard at work to respond with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update. According to information pulled for the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, it looks like Microsoft's mobile platform will be including support for new resolutions in both the higher and lower end categories.

According to a new report, Windows Phone 8.1 will add support for both qHD (540x960) and QHD (1440x2560) displays. Until now the maximum supported resolution was 1080x1920, which was included with the GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8. Additionally, the minimum logical resolution is being dropped from 480x800 to 360x640, and Microsoft will be implementing a responsive design scheme. This means that developers need to update apps that use absolute positioning or absolute resolutions, and create apps that can be upscaled to various resolutions.

Its currently unknown if Microsoft plans to use the QHD support to compete with the next generation of Android smartphones or if this is a step toward merging Windows Phone with Windows RT.

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sourceRoman L (Twitter) | WMPU
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