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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 - TouchWiz comparison

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S4

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with quite a few hardware upgrades and includes some new ones too. You get a faster processor, a 16MP camera, a fingerprint sensor and even a built-in heart rate monitor all packed into a water resistant body. However the hardware is not the only thing that has undergone change in the latest flagship. Samsung has also released an updated version of the software that accompanies every Samsung phone, TouchWiz.

The TouchWiz interface, which runs on top of Android has seen some transformation inspired by the modern flattened interfaces offered by competitors. The following comparison takes a look at the newest TouchWiz UI running on the Galaxy S5 and compares it with the now older TouchWiz version found on devices like the .

As you're about to see, Samsung has finally taken the direction in the design of the software. TouchWiz now looks less cartoony and more mature. We cant help smile at the fact that Samsung's new icons have once again drawn inspiration from the colors and design aspects used in Apple's iOS 7.

source - PhoneArena
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