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HTC Advantage program will swap cracked screens for free

HTC Advantage
The HTC Advantage service (not to be mistaken for the HTC Advantage) is the continuation of HTC Backup, which lets you save “accounts, apps, bookmarks, home screen layout, settings, and widgets” in the cloud, and then restore them on a new device. You can have upto 50GB of storage with the HTC Advantage if you count in Google Drive, which can be quite useful in case you phone is lost or damaged.

One of the most common damages you can face on your device is a broken display, and the HTC Advantage has you covered. The company said that it will replace the broken screen of your One device for free, no matter the circumstances. This is valid within the first six months after purchase, for one time only, and becomes available immediately for those who purchase a new HTC handset from the One line.

Press Release

The program is for HTC America for now, and there is no indication whether HTC will expand it globally yet, though we certainly hope so. What do you think about HTC's new service package?

source - HTC
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