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Alcatel OneTouch POP 7S announced at MWC with 4G LTE and Android KitKat

Alcatel seems to have a huge lineup of devices on display at this year's Mobile World Congress. The latest to join the affordable fray is the OneTouch POP 7S tablet, which even comes with 4G LTE connectivity.

The IPS panel on the 7-inch slate commands a WSVGA resolution of 1024x600 pixels, good for about 170 pixels per inch. Ticking underneath, you'll find a quad-core processor, ticking at 1.2GHz -- almost surely a Qualcomm one. Alcatel isn't being very generous with the amount of details surrounding the POP 7S, though we do also know that it'll feature a 3-megapixel rear shooter, with a lowly VGA cam taking the front. The company, as we mentioned, isn't messing around, and we're told to expect to find Android 4.4 KitKat running on top of the hardware out of the box, which is kind of impressive, all things considered.

As for the design, you get a plastic build and the amount of bezels on all sides ensures that the POP 7S won't be crowned the king of compactness. On the other hand, at 8.9 mm, the tablet is rather slim, and it's not overly burdensome with a weight of 285 grams.

Alcatel hasn't revealed pricing and availability information for the Alcatel OneTouch POP 7S at this time.
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