[Guide] How to set your HTC One to S-OFF using Moonshine on Windows

S-OFF (which stands for Security-OFF) is a process which lets you install the ROM Update Utility (RUU) that will restore the original firmware. It also lets you get rid of the messages in your bootloader and splash screen that say your HTC One has been unlocked or relocked. Setting your HTC One to S-OFF will also be useful if your device is under warranty when you take it in for  a repair. It will avoid the chance that your phone will be rejected because it's been tampered with, you'll have to return it to stock condition.

The following guide will show you how to set your HTC One to S-OFF using Moonshine on Windows

  1. Download and install the HTC Sync Manager. You need to to get the HTC Sync Drivers, but you should uninstall Sync Manager from your computer after installing. The drivers will remain installed, but the HTC Sync program itself will interfere with Moonshine (the S-OFF Program we'll be using).
  2. Download and install the Android SDK
  3. You can alternatively Download the Mini SDK from Android Forums. More info can be found in this thread. You may need to create an account to download it.
  4. Download Moonshine. This is the easiest way to achieve S-OFF on the HTC One. Make sure you download the appropriate file for your version of the One and your operating system, and extract the zip to a folder of your choice.
  5. Moonshine needs to be able to run adb and fastboot, which are tools from the Android SDK. To make this happen (in Windows)
    • Right-click My Computer and select Properties
    • Click on Advanced System Settings
    • Select Environment Variables.

    • Under User Variables click Path, Edit, and at the end of the line, add a semicolon and the directory to your SDK tools.
    • Do the same for the Path under System Variables and click OK to close the several windows we used to get here.

  6. Before connecting your HTC One to your computer make sure that you
    • Disable the Lock Screen - Settings > Personalize > Lock screen style and select No lock screen.
    • Enable USB Debugging - Settings > Developer Options, turn them on (the toggle is at the top right), and check the box next to USB debugging.
  7. Connect your HTC One to the computer, but stick to USB 2.0 ports (the newer 3.0 has connectivity issues). Run distiller.exe from the folder where you extracted Moonshine. Read all the messages and answer Yes to any prompts.
Having S-OFF will let you trick your HTC One into installing other phones' RUU files. As long as you only install compatible RUUs, you should be fine, but make sure to double check. This is how real bricks happen.

If you prefer you can also check the following video demonstration

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