Verizon announces DROID Ultra, DROID mini and DROID MAXX from Motorola

The Motorola DROID Ultra, Motorola DROID mini and Motorola DROID MAXX were announced today at a special event in New York. The DROID lineup will forever be known for the birthplace of the Android revolution, which has skyrocketed Google's mobile platform to the heights it is in today.

While the DROID lineup may not have the same appeal it once had, Motorola DROID devices are known for their build quality and battery life which the newest DROIDs continue to maintain.

The Motorola DROID Ultra is the top-model which has a 5 inch display with Gorilla Glass protection and prides itself as being the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone at just 7.18 millimeters. The DROID Ultra will be powered by a Motorola made octa-core chip known as the  Motorola X8 which features two application processors, four GPUs, a contextual computing core and a natural language processor.

The Motorola DROID MAXX brings all the features of the DROID Ultra, including the 5 inch display and Motorola X8 processor. However the DROID MAXX comes with a larger a much larger battery which offers 48 hours on a single charge according to Motorola. This of course results in a slightly thicker 8.5 mm profile, which is still thinner than last year's model.

The Motorola DROID mini wraps it all up offering a smaller yet equally efficient handset which as a 4.3 inch display compared to the 5 inch display on its siblings.

In terms of software, the new DROID lineup will feature Touchless Control which lets you take care of basic tasks like calling, getting directions and searching without having to touch your display. Motorola has also included Active Display to light up part of the display when you want to view your alerts like time and missed events while saving battery life. This feature will be very useful on the DROID Ultra and DROID MAXX which have AMOLED displays, but wouldn't be as power-conserving on the Mini which has an LCD panel.

The Motorola DROID Ultra, MAXX and mini will be available through Verizon Wireless starting August 20 and will cost $199, $299 and $99 respectively. Those who purchase the device before September 30 will receive six months of free access to Google Play Music All Access.

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