[Guide] How to install Facebook Home on unsupported Android devices outside of the U.S.

Facebook Home was released today to select Android devices bringing a whole new experience on your Android handset. Unfortunately the list of supported Android handsets are quite small and the app is restricted only to customers in the U.S.

So if you are someone who wants to try out Facebook Home outside of the U.S. on any unsupported Android device you can follow our step by step guide below.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S IV, HTC One X, HTC One X+. or an HTC One. Your device is compatible with Facebook Home. However since the app is not available to users outside of the U.S. you can download the apk file using the following link

Facebook Home for Android APK

Before installing the file make sure you have unknown sources enabled under Settings > Security on your device.

Getting Facebook Home to work on unsupported devices is a little tricky and will require your device to be rooted. You will also have to modify system files who could result in device malfunction or loss of data if done improperly. Please note that you are proceeding at your own risk.
  1. Root your device. Find guides on jailbreaking your device here or by visiting your favorite rooting site.
  2. User a root enabled file explorer and browse to the /system folder open the build.prop file with a text editor of your choice.
  3. The file will have text with the following content
  4. You will need to change this text to read as follows:
  5. The above changes will make the Play Store think you are using the Samsung Galaxy Note II and will allow you to install Facebook Home on your device.
[UPDATE] A new method has been posted on how to install Facebook Home on an unsupported device without the requirement of Root. The guide follows
  1. Download the Facebook Home APK for Android compressed package from XDA.
  2. Uninstall any existing copy of Facebook and Facebook Home you have installed on your device.
    [NOTE] If Facebook comes pre-installed on your device, you will have to root in order to remove it, in this case you may as well follow the method posted above instead.
  3. Extract the Facebook and Facebook Home apk files from the package and transfer it to your device
    [NOTE] Make sure to go to Settings > Security and then check the Unknown Sources box
  4. Install the APK files you transfered to your device using a tool like ES File Explorer which you can download from the Google Play Store.
  5. Restart your device after installing the files (may not be required for all devices)
  6. Run the newly installed (modified) Facebook app and connect your Facebook account.
    • Go to Setting on Facebook, scroll right to the bottom and enable Facebook Home.
    • You can also use the Header on Facebook to complete Facebook Home setup.
Thats it you are now running Facebook Home on your Android device and you didn't even require root to get it to work. If you prefer not installing modified APK files, you would have to root your handset and use the method mentioned above.

sourceXDA Developers | XDA Developers

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