Will the PlayStation 4 run Android apps and games?

Sony PlayStation LogoSony has scheduled a special media event for February 20, which is believed to be when the company will unveil its next-generation PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4. However the new console is being unveiled into a strange world, now dominated by mobile gaming. Since Sony also makes Android devices, is there a chance we will see some sort of Android integration or support in their new console?

New reports suggest that the PS4 will act like a home entertainment system, focusing on the device’s ability to connect and share content with mobile devices. Given Sony’s focus on mobile gaming over the last few years and the introduction of the Sony PlayStation Store and PlayStation certification on the Android platform it makes sense that the PS4 will focus on Android integration at some level.

With Microsoft taking a similar approach with their Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone platforms it is important for Sony’s gaming console to offer similar or if not better features in order to stay ahead.

With February 20, drawing closer we wont have long to find out. The next step that gaming consoles take will be an important one which will define their very existence in the years ahead.


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