[Guide] How to jailbreak iPhone 5 and others on iOS 6.1 using Evasi0n

Before we begin, I would like to mention that this is the untethered jailbreak we have all been waiting for. Unlike the tethered jailbreak which requires you to plug your device to your computer each time you reboot. The Evasi0n jailbreak supports all 20+ variants of iOS devices including the new Apple iPhone 5 running  or iOS 6.1. Unfortunately the Apple TV 3 isn't supported by this method.

The jailbreak method has been developed by the newly formed Evad3rs team, who have made the jailbreak process extremely easy with their Evasi0n tool.

If you are ready to get started our guide to jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 6.1 using the Evasi0n jailbreak tool follows:

[NOTE] Jailbreaking your device is not recommended by Apple and can cause performance issues or function improperly. Please make sure you understand this before you proceed.

[NOTE] Make sure that you make a full backup of your iOS device on iCloud or iTunes before you continue.

[NOTE] If you have followed our previous guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1 on pre-A5 devices, you can easily convert tours tethered jailbreak into an untethered jailbreak by installing the ‘evasi0n 6.x untether’ from Cydia

[NOTE] This jailbreak process wont work for users who rely on unlocking their device. Please wait for the Redsn0w tool to be updated to support this version of iOS.

[DISCLAIMER] Please follow this guide at your own risk. The developers of this jailbreak nor this website are responsible for any loss of data or device malfunction which could occur from following this guide.

[REQUIREMENT] The following devices are supported by the Evasi0n jailbreak – iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 4.

[REQUIREMENT] iOS 6.0, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.0.2 and iOS 6.1 are supported

[REQUIREMENT] You will need a computer running Windows XP (or higher), Mac OS X 10.5 (or higher) or a Linux computer in order to jailbreak your device.

  1. Download and extract the Evasi0n jailbreak tool for your computer operating system [ WINDOWS | MAC OS | LINUX ]
  2. Download iOS 6.1 and update your device using iTunes. Make sure you restore the update using iTunes and not OTA, to avoid issues with the jailbreak tool.
    [NOTE] While the jailbreak tool supports all versions of iOS 6, it is recommended that you install the latest 6.1 version before jailbreaking your device.
  3. Make sure to disable the passcode on your device if you have set one. You can disable your passcode by heading to Settings > Passcode Lock > Off
  4. Make sure that iTunes and Xcode (if installed) are not running.
  5. Run the Evasion jailbreak tool on your computer.

  6. Connect your iOS device to your computer using the provided USB cable and wait for your connected device is recognized by the jailbreak tool.
  7. Click the Jailbreak button and wait for the to to perform the steps needed to jailbreak your device.
    [NOTE] Make sure you don’t touch your device or run other apps in your computer to avoid interrupting the jailbreak process.

  8. Once the process is complete you will notice a Jailbreak app has been installed on your iOS device.
    • Run the app and the screen will go black for a few seconds.
    • After some time you will be returned to your homescreen
  9. The rest of the process is automated and your device will reboot several times to complete the process. You will know the process is complete when you see the Cydia app on your device homescreen.

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