Google and Samsung working on a 10 inch high res Nexus tablet?

A new report has surfaced that Google is working with Samsung to build a 10 inch Nexus tablet aimed at beating the high pixel density of the new iPad.

While the Google Nexus 7 aims to be the budget offering set to go up against the Amazon Kindle Fire and the B&N Nook Tablet, the Nexus 10 is reported to be aimed to be a premium offering. The device is rumored to have 2560 x 1600 pixel with a pixel density of 299 ppi which would make it higher than the iPad 3 (264 ppi).

Google looks to be taking a different approach with the Nexus Series this year, by allowing several manufactures to build Nexus devices. While the current lineup of Nexus devices are cheap compared to some of their competitors, the new Nexus Series look to aim at being flagship devices.

Also reports of Android 4.2 suggest that Google is planning to offer a customization center which will allow manufactures to add their custom UI’s without having to bake it into the code. This would obviously result in much faster updates from manufacturers.

Android will soon have heavy competition in the tablet market when Windows 8 launches, as the mature desktop operating system will give users something they don’t currently have on the iPad or Android tablets – A desktop. Will Google have success with the rumored Nexus 10? or are they better off aiming at offering low prices like Amazon.

source - CNET

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