Formally Nokia's Vertu set to replace Symbian with Android on their devices ?

Vertu is known for being a luxury brand of phones previously under Nokia. The brand was purchased by the investment firm EQT VI which continues to offer the devices with Symbian OS on board. Now that  Symbian is phasing out it was assumed that Vertu may follow Nokia’s choice and switch to Windows Phone as their choice platform. However it seams like Vertu maybe looking to switch to Android according to a recent report.

The report states that Vertu is now being headed by Anssi Vanjoki, a 20-year Nokia veteran who left the company shortly after Stephen Elop took over as Nokia’s CEO. He feels that while Android and Symbian are different at the core, they have the same elements which would result in an easier switch for Vertu users. He also stated that he feels Vertu would sell more phones after switching to Android, as Symbian was holding people back from spending thousands of dollars on the expensive phones.

Do you think Vertu will make a good choice by switching to Android over Windows Phone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

sourceTech Crunch

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