Five features of Android 4.2 revealed

Several months ago before Google revealed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean we heard rumors of Jelly Bean’s successor and it was expected to be named Key Lime Pie, following the trend of naming Android versions after popular deserts.

Now with several rumors of upcoming Nexus devices circulating we have also started to see several suggested features which will make its way to the potential Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie. Here are five of those rumored features.

  1. Project Roadrunner – While Project butter was aimed at making the Android experience smoother, Project Roadrunner reportedly aims at improving battery life. There is no details on how this will be achieved, but we know Android devices have been known for poor battery life, especially when they feature larger high definition screens. It would be a really useful addition if Android manages to help optimize the battery life on your device.
  • Customization Center– This would offer a theme system for android allowing users to fully customize their device by adding icons, language packs, backgrounds, alternate launchers, ringtones and filters. Customization is aimed toward less tech savvy Android users who may want to customize their devices without having to root their device and install Custom ROMs.This would also allow manufacturers UIs to introduced through the Customization Center instead of directly coding it into the operating system. Successful implementation could mean a drastic reduction in the time between Android updates in future.
  • Updated video player– As the Google Play brand continues to grow, the latest version of Android would have to improve their video player security to avoid piracy of the content.
  • Improvements to Google Nowwhich will allow Android to better assist you in performing certain tasks on your device. For example users will be able to ask Google Now to perform certain tasks like adjusting the brightness or toggling WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Updates to Google Play which would offer features like personalized search, promotional campaigns, notification center integration, more billing options and easier in-app transactions. Most of the updates to Google Play would be aimed at developers.
  • One feature we would really like to see on Android is a Gaming Center. Its available on iOS and Windows Phone offers integration with Xbox Live. Android would greatly benefit if the OS manages to tie up its Google+ and Android gaming centers for a more social gaming experience.
At this point all of the above mentioned features remain as nothing more than rumors. We will hopefully have more information for you as the days go on, so be sure to like us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

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