[Guide] How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 using Redsn0w

If you own an or an running iOS 5.0.1, you may already know it can be jailbroken using Absinthe. In fact we have a step-by-step guide on how you can get it done.

The following guide will show you how to untethered jailbreak your A5 powered iPhone 4S or iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 using the latest version of Redsn0w.

DISCLAIMER Please do not proceed with this guide unless you are fully aware of the consequences of jailbreaking your device. Improper use of this guide may result in loss of data, device malfunction or a void warranty. Please proceed at your own risk.
  • Download and extract Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b [ Windows / MacOS ]
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer through the USB cable.
  • Launch the Redsn0w application from the folder your downloaded and extracted in Step 1.
  • In the Redsn0w main window make sure your device name is displayed at the bottom of the window and select ‘Jailbreak’.
djsmob_05122012_redsnow (1)
djsmob_05122012_redsnow (2)
  • When you select the ‘Jailbreak’ button an information window will appear and prompt user input on your device.
    • One your device select ‘Install’
    • Select Install Now
    • When asked to enter a password, leave it blank and select Next.
  • On the Redsn0w UI on your computer you will see the following message ‘Please turn on the VPN in Settings to trigger the jailbreak install’.
  • At this point a new VPN option will be available under Wi-Fi
    • Toggle that switch to ON
    • Wait for it to say it has connected to the network.
    • If you see any errors during the connecting process they can be ignored.

djsmob_05122012_redsnow (3)
  • The device will reboot itself and return to the homescreen
    djsmob_05122012_redsnow (4)
  • Once rebooted you will see the Cydia application has been installed and you have successfully jailbroken your A5 device on iOS 5.0.1 using Redsn0w.

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